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Fabory represents quality and reliability

If you need advice, analysis or calculations, Fabory is the place to come. A team of technical experts is at your disposal to solve fastener related problems and to advise you on the design and application of various fasteners. Our technical experts will be happy to assist you.



We will gladly help you with any technical advice you need regarding fasteners. For instance in making the right and most cost efficient product choice, or providing assistance on surface coatings and assembly instructions.


Testing of fasteners in the customer application such as securing systems, blind link systems and material properties.


Performing advanced analysis of assembly conditions including: bolt tension, angular rotation, and clamping force.


Providing technical training via online Webinars or on-site.


Making a calculation of optimal mounting conditions of fasteners.

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Certifications - Accredited Laboratory

Fabory represents quality and reliability. That is why Fabory's quality management system is ISO 9001 certified and why quality control is carried out in our own ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. The accreditation by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) has been demonstrating the professionalism of the QC team and the reliability of measurement results for more than 20 years. Mechanical and chemical characteristics are also tested in our laboratory and certified if necessary, in areas such as of hardness, thread tolerance, tensile strength and RoHS compliance. Certifications are provided according to the European EN ISO 16228 standard.

Fabory is also an environmentally conscious organisation. It is certified to ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Of course this also includes the necessary measures to comply with environment-related EU directives such as REACH and RoHS.

Quality control and supplier selection

The quality of our products starts with selecting the right suppliers. We evaluate potential suppliers by testing samples and auditing their production processes. Approved suppliers are also evaluated on an ongoing basis with the goal of monitoring their product quality and delivery reliability. The management of quality control is integrated into the SAP system and carried out in the accredited laboratory.

In addition to this system of supplier evaluation, we monitor products using logistical and laboratory (QC) inspections.

Product Standards and Specifications

Fasteners obviously have to meet requirements. The standard assortment can be filtered in the webshop. Fabory closely follows developments in international and national standards on fasteners. Customer specifications are managed in the central SAP system, so the current version is always followed.

Lot (Batch) - Traceability

An advanced batch management system ensures that all received goods can be traced through the entire logistic process from supplier to customer. With the Fabory batch number the history of the goods is recorded, including the order number, delivery date, controls and manufacturer's production lot number.


Fabory 3D portal

The 3D portal is based on Cadenas' PARTcommunity technology. A tool with web-based solutions for engineers, designers, technicians, buyers and leading decision makers in the industrial sector. In the portal, over 75,000 standardized products from Fabory have been converted into functioning 2D and 3D CAD models. The models are displayed in different views with or without dimensions. With a few clicks you can download models in almost 100 different formats, including .DXF, .DWG, .STEP and .IGS. The drawings can then be processed in your organization's personal environment. And from the 3D portal you can easily access the right article in our webshop. This service helps companies to excel and continuously develop. We see an upward trend in the number of downloads and the benefit that organizations experience from the portal worldwide. Thanks to input from our suppliers, we are constantly keeping the 3D portal up to date.

The benefits of the 3D Portal

  • Access to complete product specifications, engineering data with the essential metadata of the products, mass, material or environmental protection standards.
  • The original 3D CAD drawings can be downloaded directly to your CAD software via the 3D portal.
  • Technical knowledge database with seamless integration with fabory.com.
  • Cell phone application.
  • The 3D portal is a dynamic platform with a current offering - always up-to-date.
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Technical consultation on site

A team of technical experts is available to advise you on the design and application of various fasteners. Close cooperation with standardization institutes and technical committees guarantees a high level of technical knowledge and information.

Technical advice ranges from the accurate selection of articles, materials and corrosion protection, to the provision of technical training and Webinars and the development of customized fasteners. In addition, in-depth research and testing of assembly conditions is offered, as well as the investigation of the cause of threaded fastener failures.

Fastener Design and Prototyping

In consultation with your R&D team, or following a "Gemba Walk" in your production environment, more optimal fastener solutions can be developed. With your R&D team we mainly discuss the connection elements in new designs or in already built prototypes. During a Gemba Walk, we observe at the assembly line how fasteners and related items are assembled. Based on this experience, we evaluate together with you whether more suitable fasteners are available or whether special fasteners can be developed that are more efficient on the assembly line or better suited for the application. Depending on the requirements of your quality system, quality documents such as First Article Inspection reports and PPAP can be provided for the introduction of these new articles.

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Fabory is the right choice for all your fastener needs. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of standard fasteners and customer-specific fastener solutions for various applications, complemented with C-parts.

Fabory Logic

Fabory assists in the availability of Fasteners and C-parts. Innovative dashboards provide insight into your consumption enabling you to reduce your TCO. Fabory Logic offers you RFID, Optical-Eye, Weight Scales and Merchandiser services.

QA/QC & Engineering

Fabory is built on its quality and reliability. Refined quality management and specialised quality control systems are at the core of our operation. Our engineers are available to support you in ensuring the correct fastener choice for the application.

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