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  • February 2024
    • In February 2024, we worked to simplify your registration and payment experience. We also ensured that you find answers to questions even faster.
  • Your questions answered quickly
  • Choosing the desired delivery address
  • Merged payment cards
  • Fixed bugs in MyFabory
  • January 2024
    • In January 2024, we focused on improving product information in MyFabory and on the product pages. We also solved a bug concerning opening orders in MyFabory.
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Shareable link for recently purchased items
  • Product information
  • Generating barcodes
  • Fixed error when opening order
  • November 2023
    • In November 2023, we improved the navigation on the webshop and MyFabory. We also show the correct invoice address to ensure everything is clear.
  • Improved navigation in MyFabory
  • Delivery and invoice address
  • Relevant articles
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