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Fabory Petrochemical

Your partner in the petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is characterized by its project-based approach to production and maintenance. Based on years of experience we support our customers in their need for specific knowledge, processes and materials. Examples of projects supported by Fabory Petrochemical are the maintenance of pipelines, pressure vessels, turbines and exchangers.

Reliability and flexibility

Feedback from our customer shows that Fabory Petrochemical scores very well on important points like reliability, flexibility and safety. This is essential to support the tight schedules within this industry. The complete package we offer to our customer means, in practice, complete unburdening.

The specialism

Fabory Petrochemical's dedicated team of specialists supports you with application, process and product knowledge. By delivering tailor-made solutions, the specific needs and wishes of our customers can always be met.
Why Fabory Petrochemical? Customers indicate the following added value as the most important reasons for choosing Fabory:

  • Fast and flexible delivery of studbolts that meet your specifications.
  • Materials available from stock with ASTM, ASME, ISO and DIN certification.
  • Lloyd certified sawing and stamping capabilities for direct cutting, chamfering and stress-free re-stamping of studbolts.
  • Our studbolts are fully traceable thanks to the ISO 9001 quality management system and quality control in our own A2LA accredited laboratory.
  • Services such as Vendor Managed Inventory on site and digital integrations that enhance your ordering convenience.

Questions? We are happy to help: call 0031 88 2253100 or email verkooppetro.nl@fabory.com.

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