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Collaborations grow the Fabory range and pave the way for innovation. As a market leader with a decisive position in the market for fastening technology, we include the wishes of our customers in every development. We have been doing this with great pleasure for 75 years. Customers know us as the Masters in Fasteners! Together we come up with new ideas and develop innovative fasteners. Fasteners that help you organise processes more efficiently. Our extensive network of suppliers helps us with the realisation. On this page we explain some examples of innovative fasteners from the Fabory range.



A good example of enriching the Fabory range with innovative fasteners are the SUPERBOLT Load-Sensing Tensioner (LST) and the SUPERBOLT Load-Sensing Flexnut (LSF) from Nord-Lock. Both systems are available from M36 to M100. The element in both systems measures bias in installations. You can monitor the data remotely or read it on site. This is done with a reading accuracy of about 95%. The way in which monitoring takes place is seen as a real innovation in several industries. This applies, for example, to Petrochemistry and Energy, where large diameter bolts or nuts must be placed under pretension.

We list the advantages of LST and LSF for you:

  • No construction changes required (incl. geometry and bolt or connection design)
  • Accurately monitor/read pretension without adjusting the connection, even remotely
  • Suitable as a retrofit/upgrade
  • Robust and reliable, class IP67
  • No high costs for labour, extra measuring equipment and periodic preventive maintenance.

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"Nord-Lock's Load-Sensing Tensioner & Flexnut are two of their most innovative Industry 4.0 products. The effortless installation, remote monitoring option and stunning accuracy of both systems give the user Peace of Mind
Servee Paes
Product Category Manager bij Fabory

An example of another innovation is our own product Lubrinox. That is lubrication for stainless steel articles. You do not have to apply the lubrication yourself, Fabory does this for you. Curious? Read about this application, which is very suitable for applications in the food industry, among other things.


The Spiralock nut from Stanley Engineered Fastening is especially suitable for connections subject to heavy vibrations. Think of goods transport, conveyor belts and agriculture and machine construction.

The edge is in the wedge: what makes the Spiralock concept special is that the nut has a self-locking internal thread with a 30-degree wedge in the thread. With the adjustment in the geometry of the screw thread, additional locking means in the connection are unnecessary.

Dorset started using Spiralock self-locking nuts because it required heat resistant lock nuts when working with the Dorset Green Machine, often in a fire hazard environment. The nuts should be easy to disassemble or assemble over time. The company from Aalten develops and produces solutions that vary from RFID electronics to industrial drying installations. When assembling the Dorset Green Machines, the fitters use Spiralock self-locking A4 stainless steel nuts.

Niek ter Horst, cooperating foreman at Dorset: “We used to use other stainless steel lock nuts for this application. They damage the thread of the bolt and can no longer be dismantled. Jamming of bolts and nuts should be avoided as much as possible. The Spiralock nut offers a particularly good solution for this.”

The most unique features of the Spiralock nut at a glance:

  • Self-locking female thread
  • Freewheel up to the moment of preload
  • Even thread load
  • To be used in combination with standard bolts
  • Reusable, with 100 percent guaranteed
  • Fabory supplies the Spiralock nuts in the sizes M6 to M16 from stock. You can order the nuts as flange nuts (ISO4161) in galvanized steel (strength class 10) and in stainless steel A4.
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Captive screws and bolts

No one wants screws or bolts to be found in food at the end of the chain. At the same time, fixing fasteners in panels and doors that open and close regularly is a challenge. The opening and closing must be smooth and yet the screws and bolts must remain in place.

The Fabory range includes captive screws and bolts fitted with a special clip. Together with a customer who came up with this idea, we developed this innovative solution. You no longer have to make adjustments to the design of the back of a panel. Fabory will supply the captive fasteners from stock from mid-2022.

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Do you have ideas about enriching the Fabory range or would you like to discuss fasteners that help you work more efficiently? Our colleagues from Product Category Management are happy to help you.

Did you find this page interesting? There is much more to tell about the Fabory range. Also, view the pages below:

Our strength

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Fabory is the right choice for all your fastener needs. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of standard fasteners and customer-specific fastener solutions for various applications, complemented with C-parts.

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