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Supply Chain Logistics

Logistics solutions

There is no place for waste when it comes to your inventory. With too much stock, you risk losing profitability. Too little stock can lead to delays in production. With the right solutions and support, Fabory helps you optimize your inventory management and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Fabory offers innovative solutions to manage maintenance, repair and production stock. Solutions that provide more flexibility and more control over costs. While providing the convenience and assurance needed to keep your production operations running smoothly.

Customized solutions

Methods for effective inventory management can vary greatly depending on the size and nature of your operations. As well as the inventory related demands and challenges that may arise. There is no standard solution for inventory management. Therefore, Fabory offers a range of options which you can tailor to your organization together with our specialists.

After the chosen solution has been implemented, we will continue to support you and work with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, and you get the full benefit of our solutions. All software, hardware and support are delivered through Fabory, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Leading companies that have chosen this path of innovative inventory management report numerous tangible benefits, including:


Inventory management

  • 3M - lijmen, schuurmiddelen
  • Kimtech - cleanroomkleding, steriele kleding, laboratoriumhandschoenen
  • Bosch - elektrisch gereedschap
  • Berkshire – cleanroom benodigdheden
  • Metabo – elektrisch gereedschap
  • CRC – corrosievertrager en multifunctionele smeermiddelen
  • Loctite / Henkel - kleefstoffen, dichtingsmiddelen en oppervlaktebehandelingen
  • Molycote – speciale smeermiddelen
  • OXXA - veiligheidsuitrusting • Swiss Tools – handgereedschap
  • Promat – gereedschap, werkplaatsuitrusting
  • Soudal - afdichtingsmiddelen, kleefstoffen & polyurethaanschuimen
  • Stahlwille – handgereedschap
  • WD40 - smeermiddelen, ontvetters, roestverwijderaars
  • Wera – handgereedschap en onderdelen


Increased employee productivity thanks to our Fabory Logic solutions. By placing our solution close to you employees and production, your employees can save a lot of time when picking and searching for the products.

Cost savings - Digital integration

With all Fabory Logic Solutions, additional digital integration solutions are available. Integration with Fabory allows you to reduce billing and labour costs by reducing processing time for backorders, eliminating shipping costs for express freight, and preventing emergency runs to replenish fast-moving consumables.

Optimal supply chain, minimal TCO

Fabory offers you not only a comprehensive range of products, but also support in developing and producing the product, integrating logistics solutions and digitizing purchasing processes. In this way we work together to optimize the supply chain and to minimize TCO. Fabory specialists are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Total Cost of Ownership

In many cases, up to 80% of the total cost of a product does not consist of the cost of the product itself, but of the processes surrounding it, such as purchasing, stock handling, internal logistics processes and administrative work. However, too little or too much inventory also means significant costs for companies. Money that could be spent more efficiently. Our Fabory Logic solutions are an example of the tools we offer to help you where your company can make a profit. Enabling you to control your inventory and reduce your operating costs.

Besides the logistic solutions mentioned earlier, such as our RFID, Weight Scale and Optical bin in combination with Onsite Merchandising activities, Fabory offers various distribution solutions to further optimize the production process.

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Fabory Logic

Fabory Logic will not only help you to guarantee the availability of your Fasteners and C-parts but will also give you full insight into your consumption with innovative dashboards. As customer demands usually differ, Fabory offers a variety of Fabory Logic which are specifically tailored to the needs of the user. The ultimate goal is to have your production process run as smoothly as possible and to add as much value as possible for you as a customer. Below you will find an overview of the various innovative Fabory Logic solutions which can also be used in combination with "Onsite Merchandising":
  • One Bin Cabinet
  • RFID, Optical-Bin and Weight Scales
  • FastScan, Self-service

Onsite Merchandising

Let us streamline & simplify your purchasing process. With Fabory's Onsite Merchandising service, managing your inventory is as easy as can be with complete control and minimal effort.

Benefits of Onsite Merchandising

  • Order your stock items quickly and easily: Fabory inventories, places the order and then stores the delivered items in the right place at your location.
  • Streamline your purchasing process: after Fabory's Onsite Merchandiser has scanned the articles according to the agreed inventory level, you will receive an order confirmation. You always have insight into your order history via MyFabory. This enables you to make quick and well-considered decisions about your stock levels. We reduce your workload while maintaining control.
  • Save time: reduce the time your employees spend on inventory management so they can concentrate more on their core tasks. Your inventory manages itself almost automatically.

What specific savings will Onsite Merchandising bring you?

  • A dedicated Onsite Merchandiser from Fabory monitors your inventory levels and puts the delivered items in place.
  • By having Fabory's Onsite Merchandiser scan periodically, you are always assured of the correct stock.
  • Reduces the amount of paperwork.
Depending on the size of your company and the ordering process within your organization, we determine which stock and ordering activities you want Fabory to perform. Fabory can take care of the actual ordering, the clearing or both. Together we will determine what works best for your company and what will save you the most time and effort. 

Onsite Merchandising can be combined with all state-of-the-art Fabory Logic solutions that continuously monitor and signal your current stock level by means of electronic solutions. In consultation with the users and the specific situation at your location, we look for the most optimal solution.

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Optical Bin

Increase your productivity through well-organised stock management. By simply removing an empty bin from our Optical Bin rack, an order is automatically created to replenish your stock. If required, our Merchandiser can even replenish the Bin on site. This saves you time, effort and prevents errors.

Through the MyFabory platform, you have real time access to online ordering, order status, order history and consumption reporting.

Support from Fabory

Fabory takes the hassle out of implementing the Optical Bin service and training your staff in its use. We provide a personal link to MyFabory with detailed reports of your order history and stock consumption. The status of your current stock levels is indicated by traffic light colours. This information helps you optimize inventory levels and eliminate unnecessary costs within your organization.

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RFID Smart Shelf

To manage your inventory and help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency in your warehouse in a way that works for your organization. One such solution is the RFID Smart Shelf solution. In other words, place an empty bin on the RFID shelf and the automated system will take care of re-ordering and delivery. If desired, our Merchandiser can even refill the Bin on site. This saves you time, effort and prevents mistakes.

MyFabory gives you 24/7 insight into the consumption and access to the online order status and history.

Read more about RFID Smart Shelf

Weight Scale Cabinet

The Fabory Weight Scale is equipped with state-of-the-art technology which provides real-time insight into the Bin's stock level. The Weight Scale Cabinet is ideally suitable for production environments that have regular changes in their consumption and requirements and potential production line stops if stock levels are inaccurate. In the past the increasing consumption of Fasteners and C-Parts was difficult to predict due to the lack of the right parts list information, the Weight Scales now include technology that can detect and take care of this.

 As with the other Fabory Logic solutions, there is the option to combine them with Onsite Merchandising services. This saves you time, effort and prevents errors.

Through MyFabory, you have 24/7 understanding of consumption and access to online order status and history. 

Read more about Weight Scale Cabinet

Fabory app 

In addition to the automated RFID, Optical and Weight Scale solutions, Fabory also offers FastScan Self-service: easy, efficient and future-proof. It gives you full control over your own inventory management, while still enjoying the convenience of a digital solution. FastScan makes it possible to scan a barcode via an Opticon scanner, Smartphone or Tablet and then order the product. This offers you the opportunity to order quickly and easily.

Read Meggson's customer experience.  

The advantages of the Fabory app 

  • Save time by shopping easily and quickly via smartphone or tablet.
  • No internet? No worries. The application works even if you are offline.
  • FastScan makes it possible to order online 24/7 via the app.

How does FastScan work?

  • Go to the AppStore or Play Store and download the Fabory app.
  • Log in with your webshop account.
  • Scan the barcode and add the product to your shopping cart. You can adjust the amounts here.
  • Place your order and we will get to work on it right away.


Value Added Service: VAS

Fabory has an integrated VAS department where we accommodate your specific needs such as export packing, consolidation of shipments, Kitting activities, repacking in customer specific packaging and customer specific labeling of products. In addition, our fasteners can be color marked for identification purposes. This is done as standard on threaded rods in accordance with DIN 976-1, whereby the material type is indicated on the end (at least one side) by means of a colour code. Fabory also offers customized solutions for its customers. Our fasteners, for example, can be colour coded to indicate that they are from a specific batch or that they have already undergone testing in our accredited laboratory. Do you have other specific requirements? Not a problem, a specialists will work with you to find a tailor-made solution.


Kitting is the customer-specific packaging of several separate items in one package as a set. Fabory can create a customized package that delivered as a unit.



Assembling effortlessly: Fabory puts together a customized package that is shipped as a single unit. Including labels that meet the requirements of your production process.


Prevent waste: separate, but related items are grouped, packaged and delivered as one assembly unit, regardless of size.


Easily re-order stock items: one item number includes all the parts needed to assemble a product. This reduces the number of item numbers you need to manage and the number of items you need to re-order.

Tailor-made kitting

Fabory offers customized solutions when it comes to Kitting. Depending on your company and ordering process, we can put together Kits for production, during assembly and even for "After Market" applications. Kitting in large series is also no problem. The packaging of the kit is customer specific and can be done according to your needs. For example, in a plastic case or in special containers. Sealants on pallets are also possible. Fabory's specialists will help you understand the added value of Kitting for your enterprise.

Implementation by Fabory

Fabory helps you implement the Kitting service. We will deliver all your parts in one assembly unit, in accordance with your requirements and the sequence of your production processes. Fabory specialists will help you optimize inventory levels and eliminate unnecessary costs and waste within your company.

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Order items with labels containing the information you want to see. For instance to speed up your inbound process by scanning barcodes, or to have your item numbers printed on a label with your company logo are some of the standard options. Do you have other specific requirements or needs? No problem, together with our specialists we can determine the layout and details to increase efficiency.


Re-ordering articles

Re-ordering stock items: receive custom barcode labels for the products in your inventory.

Stock lists

Create stock lists to keep track of how often you use Fabory stock items. Place orders by reading the information from the barcode labels.

Barcode labels

Place orders by reading the information from the barcode labels.

Save time

Save time: after labeling your stock with the correct item numbers, there is no need to look up the item numbers in the catalogue every time you want to place an order.

What savings does Labeling provide you with specifically?

  • Quick insight into your stock levels due to the well-organized warehouse.
  • Use your stock lists with the Fabory part numbers to make an order and reduce the number of incorrectly ordered items

Support from Fabory

We provide you with the first barcode labels and demonstrate their use. Are you having trouble? Don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We can also handle this step for you by printing the barcode labels. These will be shipped the same day.

Purchasing labeling

Get in touch with your contact at Fabory to learn more about how Labeling can help you organize your warehouse and increase your efficiency. Fabory specialists will deliver the barcode labels so you can get started right away.

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