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"Thanks to the Fabory app, I can quickly move on to other work"

The first time Willem Denneman ordered items from Fabory, he wrote down the article numbers on a notepad. That was about thirty years ago. Nowadays, he no longer dials those article numbers but quickly scans them with his work phone in the Fabory app. "For example, I often order the chipboard screw in quantities of 2,000 at a time."

Denneman does this in his role as a warehouse purchaser at Haro Aluminium Veenendaal BV. The company develops, produces, and installs aluminum frames, conservatories, doors, facade elements, curtain walls, and facade constructions. Their clients include architects, construction companies, and project developers.

Every day, Denneman walks through the shelves in Haro's warehouse, scanning the items that the technicians need. They rely on never missing anything during their work. "That has never happened. I order exactly what they need, so production can always continue."
All the benefits of the Fabory app at a glance:

•  Scan 24/7 and order directly, quickly, and without errors
•  Access information anytime, anywhere
•  No need to write down and double-check article numbers
•  Order history and invoices always at hand
•  Easily repeat previous orders
•  Follow the current order status with Track & Trace
•  The application also works offline

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"I order exactly what is needed so that production can always continue"


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Easily reorder

For over thirty years, Willem has been keeping track of production stocks at work. Scanning articles holds no secrets for him, and in MyFabory he consults the overview of orders. There, he sees what has been processed and what is pending. "After scanning articles, I log in to MyFabory on the computer. Then the complete order appears. I can still change the number of pieces at that moment. And if I can't find an item but have ordered it before, I search for it in the search bar. That search bar also comes in handy when I'm unsure about the length of a bit or the specifications of a machine tap." The drills and screws Denneman orders repeatedly are placed in a catalog. This way, he can place a repeat order at the push of a button.

Willem doesn't need to consult the invoices in MyFabory his colleagues in the Finance department handle that. "Placing orders through the Fabory app goes smoothly, allowing me to quickly move on to other work awaiting me, such as requesting quotes and making reservations for the workshop. Thirty years ago, we knew no better, but thanks to this way of ordering, we've been able to make work much more efficient."

Inventory management in your own hands. Also something for your company?

Would you also like to order products via Fastscan in the Fabory app? With FastScan you can easily order and avoid errors. Go to the Apple Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and download the Fabory app.

The Fabory app is part of Fabory Logic. Our smart logistics solutions help to efficiently organize processes on the work floor.  Discover more

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