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Whistleblower Scheme in Effect


Fabory Belgium has implemented the Whistleblower Scheme, which has been in effect since December 17th for companies with 50 to 249 employees. This scheme complies with the guidelines issued by the Flemish government, based on the Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament.

From Directive to Law
A whistleblower is a person (or group of persons) who exposes wrongdoing, illegal actions, or injustice within a company or organization. In this way, individuals have the opportunity to report facts they believe to be in violation of applicable laws or regulations. The whistleblower directive was transposed into Belgian law in 2022, in the form of legislation for the private sector and legislation for the (federal) public sector.

The regulations provide for secure reporting channels both within and outside the organization. This can be done by identifying yourself as the reporter or anonymously. Fabory will always protect the confidentiality of the reporter. We will handle the report and follow up on it as specified in the new law.

Dutch Version

Here is the Dutch-language form for making a report.

French Version

Here is the French-language form for making a report.

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