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Self-cutting threaded insert type 302 Stainless steel A1 M6X14

  1. ART NR 71566.060.001
  2. EAN 8715492910301
  3. UBB 950355789393
  4. UNSPSC 31162802

Price per 

Package: 25
Full Box only
d1 M6
Length (L) (mm) 14
  • Drill depth (min.) = Minimum borehole depth for blind holes.
Diameter (d-D) M6
Material Stainless steel
Material technical A1
Thread Metric thread
Type no. 302
  • Type 302 inserts may be used in materials with a tensile strength up to 320 MPa.
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d2 10
Drill depth (min.) 17
P (d1) 1
P (d2) 1.50
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