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From The Hague family business to European partner in fastening technology

75 years full of special events


Fabory has been a specialist in fastening solutions for 75 years, and that’s something to celebrate.  We are happy to take you on our journey, a 75-year development full of events that made the company what it is today.

Director Francisco Terol: “We are proud of our history: from a family business in The Hague, we have grown into a leading European partner in fastening technology. Our range includes 180,000 fasteners. With the acquisition by Torqx Capital Partners in 2020, we further strengthened our position as a specialist supplier in fasteners. We are the Masters in Fasteners.”

From The Hague to Tilburg

In 1947 Karel Borstlap and his father started selling screws and tools from the parental home in The Hague, where the stock was literally stored under the stairs. It is the beginning of a success story, which runs from The Hague via Scheveningen to Tilburg. When the municipality of Scheveningen does not offer the possibility of new construction, the family moves to Tilburg. There they are looking for employers with growth ambitions because of the declining textile industry. In 1968 the company moves to the south, the first years Scheveningen is still kept as a branch.

Independent laboratory

In 1996 Fabory (then still Borstlap BV) started using the automated miniload in the central warehouse in Tilburg. Making the company one of the first wholesalers to invest in a computer-controlled warehouse, the laboratory is another significant distinguishing value. In March 1998, the Borstlap laboratory received its A2LA accreditation and was recognised as an independent laboratory that may issue product certificates.

New fully automatic warehouse

“After the acquisition by Torqx in 2020, we further strengthened our position as a fastening specialist. Thanks to investments in our digital proposition and smart logistics solutions, we can respond even better to the changing demands of our customers.” Francisco Terol also points out the role of the new fully automated warehouse in Tilburg, which has a direct link with the automated order picking warehouse. “We are thus taking an essential step in the further development and growth of our organisation.”

Left to right: Vasuki Muralidhar, Hanne van Elsen, Francisco Terol & René Pit
Storage 1968 .png
In 1968 the company Borstlap moves from Scheveningen to a new warehouse in Tilburg.
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