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The practical consequences of using these calculation methods and mounting the corresponding anchor illustrate the importance of the correct choice. As an example, a balustrade must be fastened to a concrete floor close to an edge. An anchor using option 6 would be adequate, but it should be noted that the calculation method used, C, ignores a number of aspects. In testing an anchor of this type, only a few application parameters and failure criteria are considered. For a reliable anchorage, large safety parameters should be applied. In practice, this means that large edge and axial spacing must be observed. If an anchor with option 1 was chosen, then all forms of failure and all load directions would be taken into account. Compared with the option 6 anchor, the option 1 choice results in smaller edge and axial spacing. These evaluated and approved parameters offer the possibility for optimum construction. An anchor with option 1 is often more expensive than one with option 6. However, the cost of an anchor can be misleading.
The total cost of the fastening is often much higher if the seemingly cheaper anchor with option 6 is used. This higher cost is because the choice of this anchorage means that more than one anchor must be used, and the anchoring plate must be larger and thicker. Besides the higher cost of suitable anchoring plates, mounting occupies a longer time, which then leads to higher labor costs. So, when selecting an anchor for an application, it is therefore very important that the choice is based on all aspects of the fastening. Given above is a sketch of a situation based on very general terms and with no technical details. In the sketch, two options are compared, and a simple evaluation of this sort can be justified. However, the situation in reality is much more complex and demands thorough knowledge of the calculation methods mentioned and all of the underlying information described in the guidelines. Carrying out the necessary calculations is no simple task, but with the aid of manuals, calculation examples or software developed for this purpose, a responsible choice quickly can be reached.
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