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Facom Tubular box wrenches 12X13


Double socket wrenches: full opening of the wrench allows passage of very long threaded rods. The forged hexagonal body allows tightening with a wrench. Passage hole allowing to use shanks: 160A. Shank to use: 160A.1 for the dimensions 6x7 à 21x23 mm 160A.2 for the dimensions 24x26 to 30x32 mm. 6-point heads. 2 dimensions per wrench. Metric sizes: 6 to 32 mm. Presentation: satin chrome finish.

Article numbers

Article number 8O778427
EAN 3148511296066
UBB 500638618222
UNSPSC 27111708
Manufacturer article nr  97.12X13
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