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Facom Ended ring spanners small offset 26X30


Spline profile 15° angled long wall offset-ring ratchets for aeronautical fasteners. Thin wall and long profile for maximum accessibility. Wrenches used in engine assembly and maintenance. The spline profile applies more torque with less strength as the tightening contact surface is higher. The contact points of a Spline wrench are always far from the nut's angles. This limits wear of the nuts. The Spline profile ensures high versatility. It is compatible with Spline, Torx, 4-, 6- and 12-point fasteners. Spline sizes: from 7 to 32 Black phosphate finish.

Article numbers

Article number 0P176180
EAN 3662424035050
UBB 500638509652
UNSPSC 27111743
Manufacturer article nr  57L.26X30SPL
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