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Facom Combination spanners 1P


Detect the tool thanks to its fluorescence, activated by a lamp or UV neon light. Detectable in black or dark environment up to 5 meters. Standard wrench for all current applications. High mechanical strength combined with compact size meeting aeronautical standards. Ring head: - Ring open end (size E) designed for better access to series or embedded screws. - OGV® profile with 12-point ring for powerful tightening while protecting the nut. H suffix = 6-point ring. - Ring head angled at 15°. Open end head: - Open end angled at 15°. - Open end head-handle geometry optimised for increased access. Dimensions in inches: from 1/4" to 1"1/2. Presentation: satin chrome finish.

Article numbers

Article number 2A389835
EAN 3662424988677
UBB 500638347467
UNSPSC 27111726
Manufacturer article nr  440.1PF
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