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Facom Combination spanners 17MM


Tool equipped with a FACOM SLS attachment solution, preventing any risk of accidental falls. The crimped "sliding" cable solution, selected and tested by FACOM, maintains user ergonomics (8 - 30 mm wrenches). Standard ratchet combination wrenches: for all current applications. Compact ratchet mechanism and reversible by lever. Increment 5° (6° for dimensions 8 and 9 mm). Ring head angled at 15°. Open end head angled at 15°. Metric sizes: 8 to 32 mm. Presentation: satin chrome finish.

Article numbers

Article number 2U023711
EAN 3662424027932
UBB 500641364061
UNSPSC 27111726
Manufacturer article nr  467.17SLS
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