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Brenette 6-Hinge Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder. From a simple straight ladder through to a work platform, no fewer than 6 alternative configurations are possible. The convenient ladder for universal applications. Ideal for high loadings and frequent use. The wide outrigger-type legs guarantee maximum stability. The special brennenstuhl® safety hinge joints make this ladder the ultimate in versatility. Exceptionally compact for easy transporting and storage. Rungs: 12. Height of stepladder: 1,8 m. Length of ladder: 3,6 m. Transport dimensions: length x width x depth: 1 x 0,4 x 0,28 m. Height bridge: 1 m. Weight appr.: 14,8 kg.

Article numbers

Article number 7I609089
EAN 4007123004126
UBB 500647399020
Manufacturer article nr  1420070