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Assortment Standard and Non-Standard

Variation in a vast range

Anyone who has been in the fasteners market since 1947 knows what the customer wants and what moves the market. However, a listening ear for the wishes of customers and following market developments is still necessary. With this approach, we keep the vast Fabory range up to date.

Fabory has one of the widest ranges with bolts and nuts, washers, screws, threaded rods, anchoring products, blind rivets and many other fastening materials. We deliver most of these product categories from stock.

Whether it’s an M1 nut that almost requires a magnifying glass to observe, or an M110 nut that requires machinery to lift: within one dimension, the counter of the number of nuts in Fabory’s range already rises above forty. This shows the depth of the Fabory range. The nuts differ from each other in material, strength class and surface coverage. You will not find as many variants of any other product at Fabory as the nut.


Wide & Deep

An unrivaled range of fasteners with a solution for every customer requirement.

Dynamic offer

We closely follow trends and developments in the industry to keep the range up to date.


Delivery from stock

From standard to non-standard: the majority are available from stock.

Available online

The webshop provides access to our full range of more than 120,000 fasteners.
F1 Product Assortment

100 million galvanised nuts

One of the many containers that we see arriving every week is a container full of galvanised nuts, class 8. Of these, 100 million are sold annually over the proverbial Fabory counter, good for about 877 tons. Naturally, almost every galvanised nut comes with a suitable bolt, washer or screw (not the wood screw, of course). It exposed the functional components of this nut to weathering and corrosion. This has increased the demand for steel nuts with a zinc flake surface coating. The Fabory range responds to that demand with around 2,000 articles in zinc flake. The coating has a high corrosion resistance with a low layer thickness and is environmentally friendly because it does not contain chromium 6+. 

Indestructible titanium power in motorsport

While the class 8 galvanised nut has a very high removal rate, the Fabory range also includes articles with a significantly lower removal rate. The articles have a high relevance. Take the titanium nut. A good example of a product that is used infrequently, but in specific situations. Think of motorsport, aerospace and medical and maritime solutions. Because of its favourable properties, titanium is also frequently used in heat exchangers and piping, equipment and machine construction and yacht building. The material has favourable properties such as low weight, high strength, heat resistance and very good corrosion resistance. The nut is used in combination with bolts, washers, and threaded rod of the same material.

"From the galvanised class 8 nut to the titanium nut: At Fabory you will find standard articles to products that are ‘top of the bill’, directly available from stock

Resistant in environment with chloride 

Another item that you probably don’t pick up daily, but for which there is a specific demand, is a nut in the chloride-resistant stainless steel A8. The nut has successful applications in chloride-containing environments, such as indoor swimming pools and traffic tunnels. Another good example is the process industry, where chemicals are used. The article, unique thanks to the chloride-resistant super-austenitic material 1.4529, can be seen as a luxury stainless steel version. This nut is used in combination with bolts, washers, and studs of the same material.

Responding to every customer demand

The different mounting solutions show the breadth of the Fabory range. It makes us the Masters in Fasteners. The variation in fasteners means we can respond to every demand, whether it concerns articles in large numbers or articles that are used in specific situations.

View the full range

Customers rely on Fabory’s wide range. In their day-to-day work, customers also feel supported by our smart logistics solutions that maintain stock levels. Where there are questions and technical advice is required, our experts come to the rescue.

Read more about our range for each industry here .

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Our strength

With advice, calculations, and tests, we arrive at the right design and application of specific fasteners. The range of 120,000 fasteners in every desired version, size and type of material requires efficient stock management that you can rely on. Smart logistics solutions help you with this. Fabory Quality & Engineering advises customers on the safest connection. This is how we create Peace of Mind. The employees in your company can continue to focus on the core tasks.


Fabory is the right choice for all your fastener needs. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of standard fasteners and customer-specific fastener solutions for various applications, complemented with C-parts.

Fabory Logic

Fabory assists in the availability of Fasteners and C-parts. Innovative dashboards provide insight into your consumption enabling you to reduce your TCO. Fabory Logic offers you RFID, Optical-Eye, Weight Scales and Merchandiser services.

QA/QC & Engineering

Fabory is built on its quality and reliability. Refined quality management and specialised quality control systems are at the core of our operation. Our engineers are available to support you in ensuring the correct fastener choice for the application.

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