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Digital solutions

A wide range of digital solutions enables Fabory to meet your specific needs. In this way, we are able to make your purchasing process even more efficient.

Efficiency and ease of use

Fabory offers various digital solutions to continuously optimize your processes. Ease of use and efficiency are key. Depending on your needs, you can use EDI, FastScan or our Webshop. Together, these solutions contribute to the digitalization of your ordering process, saving you time and money and reducing the lead time of your orders.

Tailored to your organisation

Because every organisation is unique, our digital specialists provide customised solutions tailored to your needs. This allows you to take full advantage of solutions that strengthen your organisation. Together we will determine what the best solution is. After the preferred solution has been activated, we will continue to provide support to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and you continue to get the full benefit of our services.


Access to the largest range of fasteners

Through our webshop you will have 24/7 access to the largest range of fasteners in Europe. With advanced search functions and smart filters, you can easily navigate through our wide range and quickly find the products you need. You will also benefit from all kinds of commercial conveniences, such as ordering on account and direct access to your order history and invoices.

Safe and simple ordering

The Self-service system in the webshop allows you to order safely and easily at a time that best suits you. An account is created in just a few minutes and you can immediately benefit from the many possibilities. It is possible to link multiple buyers to one company account. Setting the authority levels and budgets will give you maximum control over your ordering process.

450,000 products at your fingertips

We offer more than 450,000 products online. Most of them are available directly from stock and come with extensive product specifications. Using the clear category structure and various search functions, you will find the right product within a few clicks.

When completing your order, you have the choice of various payment methods. Besides iDeal and credit card, you can also order on account. Current price agreements can be found in the shopping cart. We deliver within 24 hours to the location of your choice. After placing your order, you can follow it via the Track & Trace information within MyFabory.

The advantages of doing business online in our webshop

  • More than 450,000 products with extensive product information.
  • Advanced search functions and smart filters to quickly find the right product.
  • Insight into your own net prices.
  • Direct access to current stock and delivery information.
  • Real-time order status and Track & Trace.
  • Complete overview of your orders and invoices from one place.
  • Extensive database of 75,000 CAD drawings.


Increase your ordering convenience and save time. MyFabory offers various options for placing orders quickly and easily. In addition, this personal environment gives you direct access to your order history and invoices. This gives you an overview and control from one single spot.

Insight into customer-specific information

Your webshop account gives you access to your personal MyFabory environment. From here, you will have insight into your prices, orders and invoices. You can check the status of your orders at any time and track and trace recent orders. With MyFabory, you always have access to the latest information.

Full control over your order process

Keep a grip on your ordering process with MyFabory. Here you can work with several colleagues in the same company account and easily set different budgets and authorisations. It enables you to have your own catalogues which contains your favourite products and makes ordering even easier. You can also directly load your order lists with article numbers. An ideal way to save time!

No MyFabory account yet? Register and enjoy the benefits immediately!

  • Add products to your own catalogue.
  • Your orders and invoices in one place.
  • Track your orders with Track & Trace.
  • Multiple buyers on the same company account.
  • Easy management of roles and rights.

    Fabory app & FastScan

    MyFabory is accessible via your PC or laptop and the Fabory app. The app gives you access to FastScan, a tool that allows you to manage your inventory while benefiting from the advantages of digital solutions.

    Read more about the Fabory app & FastScan


    Benefit from the advantages of our webshop from your own ERP system? It is possible with an Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) or cXML punchout link between your system and Fabory's webshop. This electronic form of cooperation allows you to realize an efficient order process, which saves you time and money.

    With an OCI/punchout link, you can make use of the conveniences of our webshop. These include advanced search functions, customer-specific prices, your own order lists and up-to-date stock information. After filling the shopping basket, the data of your order goes to your ERP system at the push of a button. Copying article data and using paper catalogues are eliminated.

    An additional advantage of punchout is that there is one user login and password for your entire organization. This is in your system and therefore not visible to your employees. This prevents that passwords can be forgotten, and the authorization is fixed in your own system.



    With EDI, you send your order data directly to Fabory. We work with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which enables us to exchange information in the order process completely electronically. This includes the exchange of orders, order confirmations, packing slips and invoices.

    The advantages of EDI

    • Fast and efficient: the electronic exchange of information saves a lot of time compared to the exchange of information by paper.
    • Information is available to everyone.
    • Information is linked in your system at the place where you expect it.
    • Prevent human errors: thanks to the digitization of work, EDI is less prone to errors.

    What savings can EDI provide you with in concrete terms?

    • EDI offers the advantage of eliminating unnecessary steps in the process. This saves you valuable time.
    • EDI ensures that partners and customers improve their competitive position towards customers.
    • Seamless connection of messages and systems saves time on in/external communication about standard matters.

    Support from Fabory

    We ensure that all input specifications are complete from our side. Contact a Fabory specialist for more information. We can help you understand the added value of EDI for your organization.


    E-PDF is a solution that enables complete automation of order entry. Based on the standard layout of your order, we can automatically recognize and read in the required information. This makes manual work a thing of the past, resulting in fast and accurate order processing.

    The advantages of E-PDF

    • Save time and effort: orders can be automatically read from the sent E-PDF.
    • E-PDF makes it possible to order using your own article numbers.
    • Prevents human errors: thanks to the automation of the work, E-PDF is less prone to errors.

    What savings can E-PDF bring you?

    • E-PDF makes it possible to place orders directly in your own system.
    • E-PDF enables you to send orders 24/7 with your own article numbers and minimum chance of errors.

    Support from Fabory

    Wondering if E-PDF is available for your organization? Contact a Fabory specialist for more information. We can help you understand the added value of E-PDF for your organization.

    Contact us


    Fabory offers customers the option of digital and electronic invoicing. Various independent formats such as E-PDF, XML, cXML, EDIfact and invoices can be offered through the Peppol (Simpler Invoicing) Network.

    We also guarantee seamless connection to well-known procurement platforms such as Ariba and Coupa, major partners with cooperation on an international level. We are able to realize a fast integration, in line with your way of working.

    The benefits of E-Invoicing

    • Saves time and money.
    • Prevents waste: sustainable savings on paper.
    • Prevents human errors: thanks to the digitization of the work, electronic invoicing is less prone to errors.
    • Customized and compliant.

    What savings can E-Invoicing bring you in concrete terms?

    • E-Invoicing offers the possibility of sending an embedded pdf. This gives you the opportunity to view an invoice more quickly.
    • The embedded PDF combines readability and efficient storage.
    • The automatic processing results in more efficiency. In many systems, invoices can even be booked at line level.

    Support from Fabory

    Wondering which type of E-Invoicing is available for your organization? Contact a Fabory specialist for more information. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your organization with you.

    Contact us

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