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You no longer have to search for articles yourself

The Fabory range now numbers over 120,000 fasteners and continues to grow. Such an extensive range also requires extensive options when it comes to putting together specific kits. By receiving a kit, your employees on the shop floor do not have to search for separate items. It ensures an even more efficient way of working. You will receive a tailor-made kit and you can be sure that you have the desired items in the right quantities at all times.


Always the right kit

You want processes to run smoothly in the performance of daily activities. Whether you are responsible for the assembly of a specific product or your maintenance of a machine: you do not want to think that one item is missing. Nuts in various designs, blind rivets, threaded rods. Whatever the composition, you need to be able to rely on the right kit for your production assembly.

As a total supplier, Fabory takes care of this for you. We supply special items, standard items and C-parts on a weekly basis in assembled kits. One assembled kit can already consist of a bolt, two washers and a nut. Your own employees work with these kits, or the technicians who take such a kit with them every day. After all, it is often the same products that are assembled for a specific application.


Small Sets

Four black galvanised screws, four nylon plugs, four washers and a screw bit. Together they come in a small bag. Your technicians or customers always have the right amount of fasteners at hand for the installation of your product.

Module sets

A box containing precise numbers of various sizes of stainless steel hexagon socket screws, lock washers, nuts and plastic covers. All fasteners you need for the assembly of a machine in series production.

Project Kits

Large assembly projects require a comprehensive specification of various fasteners. Large size bolts and nuts in a high strength class, special studs and giant dowel pins. Examples of articles that together form a kit for the construction of a windmill in large volumes.

Efficiency in the workplace

You don't have to do it all yourself. Of course you can put nuts, bolts and washers in a box on your own, but you don't have to. It works a lot more efficiently when fasteners come in composite bags or in pallets stacked on top of each other. With a specific installation, you do not have to wonder whether you have all the necessary mounting materials at hand. Fabory supplies you with the required fasteners as a complete set, in the quantities you need. The kits vary in size: from a bag to a pallet. Whatever the size, the kit is tailored to your daily processes.

Working efficiently prevents mistakes. By preventing errors, you save time and costs. By putting together all the necessary fastening materials in specific kits, Fabory helps you make an efficiency improvement. Together we streamline your processes and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

"For some customers, the correct delivery of the kit is just as important as the items themselves. After all, processes have to keep running." 
Jos Lavrijsen
Product Category Manager bij Fabory


The majority of fasteners from a composite kit come from the standard range. We purchase about twenty percent of the fixing materials from a kit separately. As soon as the articles are in, we will add them. A bolt of M8x30 or M8x40 is in stock at Fabory. Do you just need a bolt of M8x37? Then we add it to the kit. In addition to deviating sizes, the fasteners can also have a deviating surface coating. Still, other customers want all articles in a hot-dip galvanised version. That too is possible. The kits are only assembled when all components are present.

Each kit can be custom-assembled within the frequency you wish. Think of the motor assembly of a windmill, where one kit arrives at its final destination via three pallets. Fabory takes care of everything. This concerns the right items at the right location, in the right numbers, quality management and traceability.

Are you curious about how we can put together kits for you? We are happy to tell you more about it! Do you have questions about the Fabory range? Send an email to our colleagues from Product Category Management.

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Our strength

With advice, calculations, and tests, we arrive at the right design and application of specific fasteners. The range of 120,000 fasteners in every desired version, size and type of material requires efficient stock management that you can rely on. Smart logistics solutions help you with this. Fabory Quality & Engineering advises customers on the safest connection. This is how we create Peace of Mind. The employees in your company can continue to focus on the core tasks.


Fabory is the right choice for all your fastener needs. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of standard fasteners and customer-specific fastener solutions for various applications, complemented with C-parts.

Fabory Logic

Fabory assists in the availability of Fasteners and C-parts. Innovative dashboards provide insight into your consumption enabling you to reduce your TCO. Fabory Logic offers you RFID, Optical-Eye, Weight Scales and Merchandiser services.

QA/QC & Engineering

Fabory is built on its quality and reliability. Refined quality management and specialised quality control systems are at the core of our operation. Our engineers are available to support you in ensuring the correct fastener choice for the application.

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