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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in Fabory's DNA. We are committed to our sustainability policy, to a safe and innovative work environment and to engage partners with whom we invest in a better future for all.

Sustainability policy

As a leader in the market, Fabory has had an environmental policy, a waste reduction and recycling program and a CO2 footprint from the very beginning. Our sustainability policy is aimed at protecting the environment, now and in the future.

Safe and innovative working environment

We owe Fabory's growth in part to the continuous investment in our employees. By attracting, developing and retaining the best talent from every background. Respect, honesty and recognition are values that fit within our organization. We believe it is important that employees are recognized for their achievements, maintain a good work-life balance, and are given the opportunity to excel and feel challenged within Fabory to get the best out of themselves. We create an innovative and safe work environment where team members are engaged, enjoy going to work every day, are stimulated to challenge conventional knowledge and are enabled to be themselves and flourish.

Fabory has joined forces with JINC. An organization that fights with companies and schools for a society where a background does not determine a future. JINC helps young people on their way to work. Fabory recently participated in the national "Boss of Tomorrow" initiative. Seven students visited for an on-the-job experience. What does a day of a Fabory employee look like? What do they particularly like to do?

It's not obvious that an 11-year-old would see a future for himself in the world of fasteners, but Fabory planted that seed. In addition to a guided tour, the students participated in various activities. From scanning orders to being creative with fasteners. As a major international player, Fabory sets an example and this is our opportunity to give these pupils a glimpse of the 'business world'.

In addition to working with JINC, we have joined forces with various colleges and universities, which benefits the development of our organization. In this way, we get to know not only new employees but also the demand of the future!

Masters in Fasteners


Fabory is the right choice for all your fastener needs. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of standard fasteners and customer-specific fastener solutions for various applications, complemented with C-parts.

Fabory Logic

Fabory assists in the availability of Fasteners and C-parts. Innovative dashboards provide insight into your consumption enabling you to reduce your TCO. Fabory Logic offers you RFID, Optical-Eye, Weight Scales and Merchandiser services.

QA/QC & Engineering

Fabory is built on its quality and reliability. Refined quality management and specialised quality control systems are at the core of our operation. Our engineers are available to support you in ensuring the correct fastener choice for the application.

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