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Sonic Tool trolley, full S7

  1. ART NR 0A036705
  2. EAN 4715898546849
  3. UBB 500678189274
  4. UNSPSC 25191700
  5. Manufacturer article nr  724040

Price per 

Package: 1

6 drawers. 4 shallow drawers, 2 deep drawers. 4 shallow drawers (dim. 575 x 370 x 60mm). 2 deep drawers (dim. 575 x 370 x 137mm). No drawer release system intgegrated. Powder coating exterior. front centralized safety lock. folding keys. can holder. ABS top blade. 4 casters Ø 100mm, whereof 2 swivel casters with rolling and turning brake. Overall weight: 48KG. Static load capacity: 400KG. Drawer capacity: 40KG. RAL BLACK: 9004

Filled tool trolley S7 241pcs (black) 1x Screwdriver set, SFS 24-pcs 1x Combination set 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2, SFS 160-pcs 1x Wrench set, SFS 40-pcs 1x Empty trolley 6 drawers S7 1x Pliers, chisel and hammer set, SFS 12-pcs