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The application as a starting point

The experts from Fabory’s Quality & Engineering department help customers with comprehensive advice. One of the advice we give is to look primarily at the application of a product: what should a new solution be capable of? A connection must be safe and efficient to mount. Therefore, during the design phase, consider not only the design of the end product, but especially how to put the connection together. The 3D portal of Fabory’s Quality & Engineering department helps with this. Once a product is in use, the department also advises at a later stage with options for improvement and savings.

Fabory’s 3D Portal 

Fabory’s 3D portal helps customers design a new product and establish a connection. Customers who use the 3D portal are, for example, manufacturers of machines, production lines and transport systems, but also greenhouse builders and manufacturers of electrical equipment. The 3D portal has over 75,000 products that have been converted to common 2D and 3D CAD formats, shown in different views and with or without dimensions. If an article is available in 3D, it will state ‘Download CAD model’ under the specifications. A click on that link leads directly to the 3D portal. If you want to use the portal, you must register once. 

Rob Marcus, Product Manager at Fabory: “The 3D portal has 25 to 30,000 downloads per month. These downloads take place all over the world, especially by engineers in the manufacturing industry. Europe accounts for a large part.” The number of downloads is still increasing, and that has to do with a growing market, according to Marcus. As an additional reason for the increase in use, he mentions the need in the market for a user-friendly portal with a direct link to the web shop. “That works efficiently. With a click on a product, you go to the web shop and add the product to your shopping cart.”

Fabory 3D Portal

The benefits of Fabory’s 3D portal

  • Our fasteners in your 2D and 3D product design

  • 75,000+ articles in the Fabory library

  • Over 100 different 2D and 3D formats (DWG, DXF, Inventor, Solid Edge and Catia)

  • Models in different views and with or without measurements

  • Direct referral to the web shop

“The 3D portal has 25 to 30,000 downloads per month. Those downloads take place all over the world, especially by engineers in the manufacturing industry.”  
Rob Marcus
Product Manager bij Fabory

Gemba walk

Fabory can also contribute to more optimal fastenings during current production processes. During a Gemba Walk, we look at the assembly line on how fasteners and related articles are mounted. Then we often see opportunities for improvement and savings that, after conversion, lead to a better, safer and more efficient process or end product. For example, consider the use of multi-purpose screws that can eliminate mounting steps. Another example is the optimisation of an assembly instruction so that the connection is more resistant to loosening or fatigue fracture.

Product rationalisation

Certainly, if a company has been developing and producing several products for years, a proliferation of different fasteners will develop. For example, with product rationalisation, we help the customer reduce three articles to one. We improve article lists by eliminating or replacing intermediate sizes or technically obsolete products. With a small change, a cheaper standard available item can replace an expensive specially produced fastener.

Product Rationalisation
Surface Treatments

Rationalisation of surface treatments

Rationalisation is also possible with the applied surface treatments. It is often more economical to order one type of corrosion protection on fasteners instead of the same screws with different coatings. Sometimes it is even more economical to replace small fasteners with special corrosion protection in one go with stainless steel variants. 

Together with the customer, we look at where improvements can be made. Sometimes a locking product is even superfluous, with an adapted mounting method. 

The experts of Quality & Engineering assist customers with the design and further improvement or modification of an existing product. Get technical advice at technology@fabory.com

  Everything about the expertise of the Quality & Engineering department .

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Naše síla

With advice, calculations and tests, we arrive at the right design and application of specific fasteners together with you. Our range of 120,000 fasteners in every desired design, size, and type of material requires efficient stock management that you can rely on. Smart logistics solutions help with this. The Quality & Engineering department advises customers about the safest connection. This is how we create Peace of Mind. The employees in your company can continue to focus on the core tasks.


Společnost Fabory je tou správnou volbou pro všechny vaše potřeby v oblasti spojovacího materiálu. Naše produktové portfolio obsahuje širokou škálu standardních spojovacích prvků a specifických řešení spojovní pro různé aplikace, doplněných o C-díly.

Fabory Logic

Fabory pomáhá k dostupnosti spojovacího materiálu a C-dílů. Inovativní řídicí panely poskytují přehled o spotřebě a umožňují snižovat TCO (celkové náklady na vlastnictví). Fabory LOGIC vám nabízí řešení jako jsou RFID, Optical, váhy a servis Merchadisera.

Kvalita, zkušenosti a výzkum & vývoj

Fabory si zakládá na kvalitě a spolehlivosti. Základem je propracované řízení kvality a specializované systémy kontroly kvality. Naši inženýři jsou vám k dispozici, aby vám pomohli zajistit správný výběr spojovacího materiálu pro danou aplikaci.

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