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wind energy fastener

Wind energy fasteners for the wind industry are making their way worldwide.

Fabory's wind energy fasteners for the wind industry are distributed globally. Thanks to its international presence in Europe and Asia, Fabory provides local support in these various regions. A dedicated international team is ready to assist you. Customers appreciate our accessibility. We respond promptly and operate efficiently. You will receive a response from Fabory in less than 24 hours. Close communication is essential for translating the customer's requirements into the delivery of the necessary fasteners.

Wind turbine production

The demand for wind turbine production continues to grow. We take pride in supporting the wind industry with high-quality fasteners. For instance, we supply all the wind energy fasteners required to produce selected components inside and around the nacelle. The combination of a robust product range, our quality department that meets the specific requirements for wind turbines, and value-added services (VAS) ensures you can confidently start production.

Wind Energy Fasteners Collection
Specific fasteners from the Fabory range.

Robust Product Range

Since 2005, we've been supplying fasteners for the wind energy industry. These fasteners are utilised in producing a gearbox, a valuable wind turbine component located within the nacelle. When manufacturing a gearbox, the wind energy industry relies on standard items and specially designed fastening materials such as studs and pins. This also applies to materials resilient to low temperatures. Which specifications are required depends on the type of gearbox. For the fasteners used within the wind turbine, such as those for the tower or platforms, Fabory boasts a broad range. In addition to unique fastening materials, we offer standard fasteners in line with ISO or DIN, including vibration-resistant security products.

Flexibility and Availability

The wind energy sector demands flexibility. Hence, we offer rapidity, promptly addressing your needs. The availability of standard items is guaranteed. There's a short lead time upon which you can rely, following the one-stop-shop principle. We also adapt to your strict delivery schedules, supplying at consistent intervals tailored to your preferences. Deliveries are, of course, in line with your specific quality requirements. This process involves a unique collaboration and close contact between our Sales, Purchasing, and Quality departments. In doing so, we achieve the most optimal response to your needs, considering your application's specifications.

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You will learn about technical support, high-quality materials and efficient sourcing that will take your production or assembly processes to the next level. Click further and gain access to valuable insights and opportunities within the wind industry.

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From Your Specifications to Product Drawings and Quality Documents

As a manufacturer in the wind industry, you will have a dedicated point of contact at Fabory, which offers a sense of familiarity. We collaborate solely with manufacturers who aim for a high standard of quality. We source the right supplies in line with customer requirements and verify these sources. We employ APQP4Wind (Advance Product Quality Planning) certified staff in Europe and Asia for this. They are well-versed in the detailed levels of tracking, from the initial specifications to the final product delivery. APQP4Wind is a quality assurance method for the wind industry and is all about mitigating risk when introducing new critical items.

Specifications and Standards

You inform us of your needed items, and we assess our stock availability. In most instances, we create a bespoke item. Based on your specifications, we draft product drawings, which are then translated into the procurement process, wherein we identify the right manufacturers. We consider mechanical properties, dimensions, and other specs like corrosion protection. When establishing specifications, we align with international standards, including those still in development. Even before these standards are published, we can adapt to them, allowing us to anticipate future needs.

Furthermore, our PPAP (Production Parts Approval Process) documents and other quality records undergo checks to ensure they meet the necessary criteria. Every customised item is examined in our laboratory. Only when an item passes the scrutiny is the supplied batch released for the logistical process.

Companies from the wind industry value our efficient and seamless collaboration approach. At Fabory, we operate with dedicated teams for every client. Our quality team, focused on fasteners for wind turbines, is deeply acquainted with the needs of customers in this sector. Throughout the entire internal logistical handling – from goods received at Fabory to delivery to the client – we employ batch management in our ERP system: every production batch is kept distinct from others. It can be traced back to both the manufacturer and the client.

Cad Drawing
A product drawing of a double end stud with a diameter of M42.
Boxed Kits
The kits are ready to be sent to the customer. 

Peiner and Nord-Lock enrich the product range for the wind industry

Peiner is one of the partners we work with to supply companies in the wind industry successfully. Together, we ensure that quality fasteners reach the market, enabling our customers to manufacture, assemble, and maintain them successfully.

Rüdiger Kreis of Peiner: "The cooperation between Peiner and Fabory has been intensive for years. Together, we are well-positioned in the market. We also maintain and expand that position, thanks partly to Fabory's global network. We both do what we do best: Peiner focuses on production, and Fabory takes care of the logistical refinement."

Peiner has long been producing prestressing sets for various industries, including wind. In addition to the well-known HV sets (hex bolt) according to EN 14399-4/6, Peiner produces the HRC sets according to EN 14399-10 specifically for the wind industry. These are characterised by easy assembly and guaranteed correct preload force.

You can find the complete product overview of Peiner HV sets at Fabory.com. For information on HRC sets, please get in touch with our Sales department.

Nord-Lock The Nord-Lock Group is one of our partners in successfully supplying companies in the wind industry. They enrich the Fabory range with secure bolting solutions for the global wind energy sector.

Nord-Lock products are quick and easy to install without frequent checks or re-tightening. Thus, manufacturers and technicians extend the lifespan of their applications and keep downtime to a minimum. Nord-Lock has a solution for every application in the wind industry, from the lock washers that can withstand the high temperatures of gas platforms to the Typhoon bolt tensioners designed explicitly for space-constrained applications such as wind turbines. The range for the wind industry includes Nord-Lock® lock washers, Superbolt® mechanical tensioners, and Boltight® hydraulic bolt tensioners.

Rob Berends, Country Manager UK, Ireland and Benelux: "We have been working with Fabory since the 1990s, our common goal being customer satisfaction. Our extensive product range has helped customers solve bolting challenges from the beginning. We are always ready to support Fabory and provide their customers with any training needs."

Nord-Lock Group, a global leader in bolting solutions, recently set a new industry standard by becoming the only supplier of CE-marked wedge washers. This unique offering marks an important milestone as their products meet the safety and quality requirements for the wind industry, among others.

At Fabory.com, you can find the complete product overview of Nord-Lock lock washers. For more information on Superbolt and Boltight, please get in touch with our Sales department.

Items Delivered Just-in-Time and Packaged in Kits

Count on our Value Added Services (VAS), and you can be sure that even the most complex assembly kits will be delivered just in time worldwide. We combine our knowledge of logistics services with the rock-solid product range, resulting in a service that customers rely on. They can have their orders delivered in tailor-made kits on a project-by-project basis. Our kitting capabilities ensure more efficient production and assembly and fewer errors. In the right quantities, items are packed into two, three or four pallets per kit. These are used directly at the customer's premises to assemble various parts of the wind turbine or maintain it. Fabory uses VCI bags/foils to counteract corrosion, among others, to store fasteners. In these VCI-wrapped bags, fasteners remain corrosion-free without coating. Fabory Logic's logistics solutions ensure optimal availability of fasteners and keep your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as low as possible.

Creating Peace of Mind

Fabory meets the demands of the wind energy industry by responding to the need for specifically manufactured items. These are available in any desired format, size, material type, and coating. Such an extensive range requires efficient stock management that you can trust. Intelligent logistical solutions that provide insight into consumption assist in this regard. You gain access to your personal VMI monitor in MyFabory by using the RFID solution and the Weight Scale Cabinet. This offers a historical overview of stock consumption and our performance. The unique combination of providing solutions while granting insights is unparalleled.

Our application engineers offer solutions and advice on fasteners for wind energy and various designs and applications. In addition to these solutions, Fabory experts provide calculations and tests to ensure safe connections. We work closely with standardisation institutes and technical committees. These collaborations guarantee a high level of technical knowledge and information. This gives peace of mind, allowing you and your team to focus on core tasks.

Why Wind Industry Producers Choose Fabory:

For businesses in the wind industry requiring top-quality fastening solutions, Fabory delivers comprehensive, sustainable, and trustworthy options that make processes more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Fabory provides standard and special fasteners used in wind turbines onshore and offshore. We supply quality products by rigorously vetting our specialised partner manufacturers.

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Fabory Logic

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