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  1. NUMAR ARTICOL C9543.008.355
  2. UBB 500614223872
  3. UNSPSC 47131502
  4. Nr. articol producător 8355

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A repeat-use wiper with HYDROKNIT technology that is highly absorbent, strong and durable (wet or dry), resists most solvents, reduces residue, allows fast cleaning and helps reduce costs. Ideal for: light-duty clean-up of adhesive, oil, debris; applying lubricants, thinners, solvents; cleaning glass; precision cleaning of intricate machinery and parts; cleaning hands. Available as: quarter folded wipers, wrapped in a splash-proof, water-repellent polybag, giving you immediate access to hygienically protected wipers in your work area.

Wypall X50 nonwoven wiper, Hydroknit, 1-ply, pop-up box, white

Conținut (pcs) 10
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