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Facom Dispozitive cu clichet KL.161

  1. NUMAR ARTICOL 9U379766
  2. EAN 3148519339604
  3. UBB 500638642636
  4. UNSPSC 27111711
  5. Nr. articol producător KL.161

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Very long durability regardless of working conditions. Maintenance-free. Mechanism sealed to industrial dust. 120 tooth mechanism for 3° increments. Lever reversing: easy even when wearing gloves. Visible rotation direction. "Palm control" system, to press the ratchet head when tightening or loosening without risk of accidental reversing of the rotation direction. Ultra-compact head. Bi-material elastomer grip: high resistance to abrasion and the most severe workshop solvents: SP95, SP98, diesel fuel, acetone, brake fluid, Skydrol, Jet Oil, kerosene. Hole in the handle for strapping when working in high places.