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  1. ART NR 3C973794
  2. EAN 7314150370108
  3. UBB 500696872216
  4. UNSPSC 25191700
  5. Hersteller Artikel Nr BE6307414F

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This 74mm and 14 flutes oil filter wrench spouses perfectly without sliding Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes-Benz’s, Opel’s or Volkswagen’s cartridge style oil filter system cartridge; Casted Aluminum: They won't crack and damage the plastic cap of the filter wrench. In addition, this oil filter wrench can be extremely tight causing high pressure to be put on the wrench; Chrome plate Finish. The surface is treated with a high quality finish to prevent corrosion; In addition, since it is made of aluminum, it is a very light oil filter wrench