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  1. ART NR 7L534887
  2. EAN 7314150340828
  3. UBB 500696970143
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Hersteller Artikel Nr TAWM9135

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Electronic torque angle wrench; Accuracy (20-100% of max torque): ± 2% CW, ± 3% CCW; Visual (dual LEDs+Display), audio and vibration signal; With 9x12 and 14x18 interchangeable head receivers; Memory capacity of 1500 readings and up to 50 presets; Programmable automatic shut off time; Data and set value retention during battery exchange; Operating temperature range: 5ºC - 42ºC; Storage temperature range: -10ºC - 50ºC; Plug&Play USB data download to Excel format; Units in Nm, Kg.cm., dNm, Lbf.ft., Lbf.in.; Torque, Angle, Torque and angle, Torque then angle, preset and job modes; Counter; Programmable recalibration warning; Metal body for higher strength; ISO 6789; 2004/108/EC