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Building & Construction

For every connection, a suitable product with construction fasteners

As a contractor or construction company, you want to receive fastening materials directly from stock. Fabory, one of Europe's leading suppliers of fastening materials, delivers daily from its warehouses in Wednesbury, Tilburg, Brno, and Seixal, offering steel and stainless steel construction fasteners and related products. Deliveries are made to various sectors such as machinery construction, petrochemicals, and truck, trailer & coach construction. Fabory's products also find their way into the construction sector, which we'll delve into more on this page.

Whether in this sector it's about temporary fastening of formwork, placing a support beam, or assembling a hardwood terrace deck, for every preliminary, structural, and finishing task, you can rely on the necessary construction fasteners. Your connections need to be strong, safe, and above all, durable. That's why Fabory offers a wide selection of high-quality fastening materials from reputable brands. Quality is guaranteed.

As strong as your connections are our relationships with customers and suppliers. Together, we ensure safe and durable connections leading to reliable constructions with construction fasteners. From advice and product selection in the preliminary phase to addressing unforeseen challenges on the construction site, we're here for you.

Screws: The Most Efficient Fastening Technique for Timber Construction

For virtually all tasks in timber construction, screws are available. They stand out as one of the best fastening techniques for timber construction, primarily because screws, with their threads, can bear high loads whilst maintaining ample flexibility in the connection.

Thanks to the use of specially designed screw points, threads, coatings, and driving methods, the assembly time of the modern wood screw has decreased. At the same time, safety during assembly has significantly increased due to these advancements. Owing to the vast array of various screw types, materials, head shapes, and drives available, you'll always find the perfect screw at Fabory that completes your project quickly, safely, and elegantly using construction fasteners.

From Light to Heavy-duty Concrete Constructions

From light fixings on walls or ceilings to heavy-duty structures anchored onto a concrete base, Fabory's range of anchoring products provides the solution.

Wall plugs come in various shapes and sizes for creating light connections in brick, aerated concrete, and standard concrete. Our selection includes a range of standard nylon wall plugs, as well as steel plugs suitable for straightforwardly applying metric bolts.

Our versatile mechanical anchors, are available in various sizes and types, such as safety anchors, through bolts, drop-in anchors, and shield anchors. Furthermore, we offer these anchors in galvanised steel (for dry indoor applications), steel with special coatings, and stainless steel A4 (for wet, extreme outdoor applications). Achieving simpler and faster installation combined with a high-strength connection has never been easier. And did you know that mechanical anchors are available for both cracked and uncracked concrete? In addition to these, Fabory provides mechanical anchors with various EU technical approvals (ETA, Opt1/7, C1/C2).

If you're looking to combine the ease of quick and simple concrete installation, then concrete screws, which eliminate the need for plugs, are your ideal solution. Keep an eye on our online store for several product expansions.

What Are the Advantages of Chemical Anchors?

When using chemical anchors, no stress is applied to the substrate. This makes it feasible to use this anchor type in almost any application. In both warm or cold and damp environments, these anchoring products can be employed without issues. For optimal anchoring, a clean drilled hole is crucial. Therefore, always ensure that dust and loose particles are removed before establishing the chemical anchor.

Quick and Streamlined Bundling

Cable ties are an incredibly efficient method for bundling various items, notably cables and wires. Our range of cable ties includes both a standard line and a UV-resistant version, all fortified with construction fasteners for added reliability. Additionally, we offer special types such as reusable cable ties and those with added features like a base, eyelet, or label. We also provide various coloured options to cater to diverse needs. Beyond the ties themselves, our cable tie programme extends to a wide array of accessories and fitting tools, ensuring every need is met with precision.

Installation Products Enhanced

For those looking to facilitate seamless installations, our diverse selection of fixing products, embedded with construction fasteners, is at your disposal. Consider our lightweight rail system, ideal for the swift and efficient attachment of items like pipes, ventilation ducts, and cable trays. This extensive modular system simplifies and accelerates the assembly process, with rails and brackets that boast perfectly coordinated connectors and pre-assembled construction elements. The galvanised version is especially designed for indoor installations within buildings, accommodating both standard and fire safety requirements.

Technical Innovation in Steel Connections

The Lindapter fastening system for steel structures offers a solution to complex steel-to-steel challenges. This method serves as a swift and cost-effective substitute to on-site drilling or welding. Whether you're crafting a construction frame, integrating with an existing structure, or installing an entirely new build, this range of premium products has a solution for every requirement.

Threaded Inserts for Timber Construction

Fabory presents a comprehensive collection of threaded inserts tailored for timber builds, reliable and straightforward in various woodworking applications. From structural timber to interior design, façade construction, stairways, kitchen fit-outs, and the furniture industry, these threaded inserts establish a connection between base components and metric screws. They offer several advantages for light construction: dependable and replicable screw-in conditions, self-tapping features, and a suitable product for every type of timber and application, potentially enhanced with a special coating.

A Pertinent and Agile Selection

Fabory is renowned for its extensive and in-depth range of fastening materials and related products. With over 150,000 fastening solutions on offer, our portfolio encompasses both proprietary and recognised top-tier brands. We meticulously curate our dynamic and relevant brand and product offerings to ensure:

  • The superior quality of the product is consistently maintained, maximising the end-product's performance for sustainable construction.
  • There's always the option of technical support and advice from Fabory and its partners. By using the right products aptly, alterations to the end product can be minimised, thus benefiting the project's duration, ensuring cost-efficient operations.
  • Fabory's collective expertise and service capabilities address any challenges that users might face during the product's application.

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Bespoke Offering in MRO Products

Customer needs regarding fastening solutions and services can vary significantly across industries. That's why Fabory champions a client-centric approach, where we consistently aim to deliver optimal value for you. We provide guidance in the selection and provision of various MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) products, including construction-related items, tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Chemical Bonding

The demand for chemical bonding agents, used for adhesives and sealants, is on the rise. Thanks to our collaborations with various partners in this field, you can count on expert advice and guidance for every bonding challenge you face.


Our extensive range encompasses manual tools, electric tools, and battery-powered instruments, enabling efficient and safe work practices. Coupled with our assortment of storage and transportation systems, your tools remain protected and are easily transported to your next task.

Safety Products

Safety is paramount, and we cater to this need with a broad selection of PPE from esteemed brands. Protect your workforce from risks that could compromise their safety and health. Opt for Fabory's meticulously curated selection of leading brands, ensuring your operations are conducted as optimally and safely as possible.

Health and Safety PPE
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Ultimate Ordering Convenience with MyFabory

At Fabory.com, you have 24/7 access to an expansive assortment of fastening materials. With advanced search capabilities and intelligent filters, you can easily navigate our extensive selection and swiftly locate the products you require.

MyFabory, the self-service portal on our website, offers you a safe and straightforward way to place orders whenever suits you best. Creating an account takes mere minutes, and you can immediately take advantage of the numerous features the system offers. Plus, you can link multiple purchasers to a single business account. By setting the appropriate permissions and budgets, you gain maximum control over your ordering process.

Online, we present a total of over 450,000 products. Many are directly available from stock, complete with comprehensive product specifications. Thanks to the clear category structure and various search functionalities, you can pinpoint the right product in just a few clicks.

When finalising your order, you can choose from a range of payment methods. Besides iDeal and credit card options, you can also place orders with invoice payment terms. Up-to-date pricing agreements are visible in your cart. We typically deliver within 24 hours to a location of your choosing. You can track your order post-placement via the track & trace information within MyFabory.

Need products or advice immediately?

No worries, Fabory also offers its product range and services through several Fabory shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. These are open daily, ready to personally assist you with all your fastening and MRO queries.

Site-Specific Deliveries

Working at various sites and need products delivered to different locations? Get in touch to discuss our "on-site delivery" options.

Achieving Peace of Mind

At Fabory, you're not just choosing from a wide range of fastening materials for the construction industry. You also gain access to an extensive collection of tools, personal protective equipment, and other construction-related products. If you find yourself uncertain, we offer the opportunity for personalised advice, technical calculations, and product & application tests. These services ensure you achieve the most appropriate and safest connections. This cultivates complete peace of mind, allowing you and your team to stay focused on your core responsibilities.

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Společnost Fabory je tou správnou volbou pro všechny vaše potřeby v oblasti spojovacího materiálu. Naše produktové portfolio obsahuje širokou škálu standardních spojovacích prvků a specifických řešení spojovní pro různé aplikace, doplněných o C-díly.

Fabory Logic

Fabory pomáhá k dostupnosti spojovacího materiálu a C-dílů. Inovativní řídicí panely poskytují přehled o spotřebě a umožňují snižovat TCO (celkové náklady na vlastnictví). Fabory LOGIC vám nabízí řešení jako jsou RFID, Optical, váhy a servis Merchadisera.

Kvalita, zkušenosti a výzkum & vývoj

Fabory si zakládá na kvalitě a spolehlivosti. Základem je propracované řízení kvality a specializované systémy kontroly kvality. Naši inženýři jsou vám k dispozici, aby vám pomohli zajistit správný výběr spojovacího materiálu pro danou aplikaci.

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