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Fabory App Digital Inventory Management

Only one click away from the products you need

If your required items are close by you can quickly scan the articles quickly and easily and order them via the Fabory app. Writing down article numbers and double-checking is no longer necessary! You can now avoid mistakes and save time in the ordering process.

Want to know when your order will be delivered? You can view the current status in MyFabory and follow your order closely with Track & Trace.

FastScan: quick and easy ordering

One of the functionalities of the Fabory app is FastScan. With FastScan you scan the barcode of a product with your smartphone and add it directly to your shopping cart.

If your products do not have barcodes in your warehouse, you can easily print barcodes yourself via MyFabory, in your personal Fabory environment. To do this, go to the "Generate barcodes" page in your account. You enter one or more article numbers and generate a PDF file with barcodes with one click. Stick the barcode labels on the correct trays in your storage cabinet for a better overview and optimal ordering convenience.

Have all your required items been scanned and collected in your shopping cart? You can complete the order in the Fabory app. Would you rather do this on your laptop or desktop? You can! Log in to the desired device with your MyFabory account and go to your shopping cart to view and order your scanned products.

Getting Started with FastScan

  • Go to the Apple Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and download the Fabory app.
  • Log in with your MyFabory account. No account yet? Register here within 1 minute.
  • Click on FastScan in the menu of the Fabory app.
  • Scan the barcode and enter the desired number of pieces.
  • Add the product to your shopping cart.
  • Place your order.

All information at hand

In addition to FastScan, the Fabory app also has other functionalities. Think about finding your desired products. Browse digitally through the Fabory catalogue or search for products via the webshop. There you will find extensive product information so that you can be sure that you are ordering the right product. The Fabory app also offers 24/7 access to your orders and invoices via MyFabory.

           Download the Fabory app

Download Fabory App on Google Play    Download the Fabory App on Apple Store


Managing your inventory has never been easier

Scan & Order 24/7

Print barcodes yourself and place your order quickly and easily.

Full product information

Find the information you are looking for anytime, anywhere.

Track your deliveries

Check when your order will be delivered via Track & Trace.

Insight into order history

Simply place a previous order again.
Fabory App Digital Inventory Management English

Download the Fabory app

Download Fabory App on Google Play Download Fabory App on Apple Store

A testimonial from a customer

Aart van Ginkel, buyer at Meggson:

“Instead of a barcode Scanner, I could also use my mobile phone to scan barcodes via the Fabory app. I did not know that this was a possibility. I was immediately enthused, because this is the easiest way of working for me.

Overview and ease of ordering

I scan the barcode of an empty container in the Fabory app. The system offers overview and ease of ordering. Bolts that used to be overlooked were also not ordered. The Fabory app literally shows what is and what is not in stock.

Big screen

After scanning barcodes over the phone, I send items to the Fabory cart. We process the order via the computer. I think it works better on a big screen. By using the Fabory app I can now easily do the ordering process for the fasteners myself. On average, I place a new order once a week.”

Read Meggson's complete customer experience.

Did you know that…

  • The login details for the Fabory app are the same as when you log in to MyFabory?
  • The Fabory app is available in ten languages?
  • Forty Fabory employees - our merchandisers - use the Fabory app on a daily basis with customers?
  • You can even scan offline products?
  • Place your order as soon as you are connected again.
  • The Fabory app is part of Fabory Logic, a complete package of logistics solutions for smart stock management?
A kötőelemek szakértői

With advice, calculations, and tests, we arrive at the right design and application of specific fasteners. The range of 120,000 fasteners in every desired version, size and type of material requires efficient stock management that you can rely on. Smart logistics solutions help you with this. Fabory Quality & Engineering advises customers on the safest connection. This is how we create Peace of Mind. The employees in your company can continue to focus on the core tasks.


A Faborynál minden kötőelemmel kapcsolatos igényére talál megoldást. Termékkínálatunkban megtalálhatók szabványos kötőelemek, egyedi felhasználásra való személyre szabott megoldások és az OEM-piacra szánt C-típusú termékek.

Fabory Logic

A Fabory támogatja Önt a kötőelemek elérhetőségében. Innovatív irányítófelületek nyújtanak betekintést a fogyasztásba, lehetővé téve a TCO csökkentését. A Fabory Logic RFID, Optical-leolvasá, Mérleg alapú és Merchandiser szolgáltatásokat kínál Önnek.

Minőségbiztosítás, Mérnöki szolgáltatások, K+F

A Fabory a minőségen és a megbízhatóságon alapszik. A kifinomult minőségirányítás és a speciális minőségellenőrzési rendszerek képezik működésünk alapját. Mérnökeink készséggel segítenek Önnek kiválasztani az éppen szükséges megfelelő kötőelemet.

Ne zárja be ezt az oldalt. Ez az üzenet eltűnik, amikor az oldal teljesen betöltődik.