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These circular saw blades require less post-processing of your products


In the workplace of OEM and MRO companies, precision, efficiency, and safe metal cutting are desired. Specifically for those companies, we have included the latest Bosch circular saw blades in our range. With precisely cut metal, nothing stands in your way to achieve secure connections with our fasteners.

Cutting through steel and stainless steel is essential in the metalworking industry. Cutting discs are still mainly used for cutting metal. Although effective, products cut with discs require post-processing.

In a production environment, in some cases, it's better to use metal saw blades instead of cutting discs. Here are the advantages of metal sawing:

  • Higher cutting speed
  • Cleaner cuts, requiring less post-processing. This saves valuable process time
  • Virtually no sparks, fumes, and noise, making your work safer

Bosch's metal saw can be used on both stationary circular saws and battery-powered variants, allowing you to cut faster, straighter, and safer in more challenging locations. The metal saws are available for both steel and stainless steel.

Are you interested in the next step in your metal sawing process? Visit our webshop to view the full range of BOSCH metal saws and learn more about this product line.

Circular saw blades
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