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New look Fabory.com provides more convenience

Fabory.com has been given a new look. The new changes provide a much more professional look with greater usability.

The dark blue main color and green accents bring the webshop more in line with the corporate website launched last year. The familiar Fabory blue remains present in the details. The new design fits seamlessly with the "Masters in Fasteners" that Fabory has been reinstated with its 75th anniversary.

Finding the right product faster

In addition to the changes in color, a number of functional improvements have been made so that customers can find the right product faster. From now on, they can easily navigate between different variants of the same product. Switching to a different diameter or length can be done directly with the filters in the product specifications block. Extensive product information can be found at the bottom of each product page, conveniently divided into different tabs.

Maximum digital convenience

In the end, Fabory says it's all about offering maximum digital convenience. This is why not only the web shop has been updated, but also the customer portal MyFabory and the Fabory app. MyFabory is where customers can go for important updates, invoices and their own catalogues of favorite products. The new menu and improved user management make the customer portal more user-friendly. The expansion of the order overview gives customers even more insight into the status of orders and deliveries.

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