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Facom Hasáky 24'

  1. ART NR 6W945053
  2. EAN 3662424042409
  3. UBB 500641373054
  4. UNSPSC 27111708
  5. Výrobní číslo položky 131A.24SLS

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Balení: 1

Tool equipped with a FACOM SLS attachment solution, preventing any risk of accidental falls. Capacity: 0 to 102 mm 0 to 3"1/2. Very robust wrench, head hardened to 55 HRc. Accurate approach thanks to fine machining of the threads and button, good grip. Clé "Stillson" avec trou dans le manche : accrochage directe par mousqueton. Mors mobile indémontable pour éviter une perte ou chute.