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Pick and put to light header

Barcode scanning

Visual instructions in the form of lights and LED displays on the shop floor. That's Pick and Put to Light, a system that allows your employees to kitting error-free. The innovative system makes managing your stock easy. An empty bin? Employees scan the code on the bin, after which a light comes on at the correct bin with stock. They see exactly where they can grab the items and in what quantity—no more searching. The pick and Put to Light system makes identifying items and replenishing stock more effortless. Employees stay focused on tasks without switching between item information and packing slips of different orders. This prevents errors and increases efficiency.

You can start Pick and Put to Light in two ways:

  • You scan the code of an empty tray on the shop floor. At that moment, a light comes on at the tray display from which you pick the desired stock. If there are several empty trays, you can scan them simultaneously. You can also scan one by one.
  • A plus version of the first option also exists. This is mainly for orders with many different items in different quantities. You scan a materials list 'BOM Bill of Material', and you can see which products to grab in what quantity at the display. This way of working helps with assembling kits.
Put to Light


Manager Logic Fabory Group Sander Langkamp: "For customers, the Pick and Put to Light system is a big advantage; it's really going to help them. As a supplier in nuts and bolts from the Netherlands, we are unique in this. Apart from fasteners, the system also works for C-parts, but we see this application coming back mainly to production companies in the OEM market."

Right products in the right quantities

Correct replenishment of items leads to higher productivity. Employees spend less time searching for products and grab the right product in the right number. Moreover, they work paperless. You get real-time insight into progress and stocks. Combined with our other Logic solutions RFID and optical bin, the products you want in stock are also ordered digitally and delivered to your warehouse at the right time.

A nossa Força


A Fabory é a escolha certa para todas as suas necessidades em artigos de fixação. A nossa gama de produtos contém uma vasta variedade de artigos de fixação e soluções de fixação específicas do cliente para várias aplicações, complementadas com C-parts.

Fabory Logic

A Fabory auxilia na gestão de artigos de fixação e C-parts. Painéis de controlo inovadores fornecem informações sobre o seu consumo, permitindo que você reduza o seu TCO. A Fabory Logic oferece serviços de RFID, Optical-Eye, balanças e Merchandiser.

Qualidade, Engenharia e R&D

A Fabory tem suas bases na qualidade e confiabilidade. Uma gestão de qualidade aperfeiçoada e sistemas de controlo de qualidade especializados são chave da nossa operação. Estamos disponíveis para o apoiar na escolha correta do artigo de fixação.

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