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Metabo Cholewka SW 11

  1. Kod artykułu 7T267307
  2. Numer EAN 4007430154033
  3. UBB 500662260644
  4. UNSPSC 31390000
  5. Artykuł producenta nr 627037000

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Pełne opakowanie: 1 sztuk

Comfortable quick fastener for a fast change of the centre drill, without setscrew. No tool loss in the event of accidentally switched-on impact mechanism: the shortened holding slots prevent impact operation on the hammer drills with SDS-plus holder, thereby not damaging the tool. For working with the multi-purpose hole saws Pionier" Easy removal of the drilling core by unlocking the centre drill and pulling out the drilling core from the hole saw. The spanner flats enable easy release of the adapter."

Typ napędu SDS-Plus
Długość całkowita 118