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Wera tool fastening Fabory fasteners

Seamless assembly with Wera fastening tools

You can find Wera tools on Fabory.com. Wera tools contribute at every stage of production and repair, crafted to specified dimensions: Wera fits where others falter. Whatever the installation or repair, Wera bits unlock, like hidden keys, the potential of our Fabory fasteners. The precise fit ensures seamless assembly, less wear, and reliable connections.


Wera hex keys

The Wera hex key is a highly sought-after product. A simple and versatile tool used for tightening and loosening hex bolts and supporting fasteners. Hex keys make working with hex bolts more efficient, durable, and reliable.
The benefits of Wera Hex-Plus tools when working with hex bolts are as follows:
  • The Hex-Plus profile provides a larger contact surface in the screw head, resulting in fewer notches and minimizing the risk of screw damage ('cam-out') during use.
  • Traditional hex keys can cause wear and deformation of the screw head. Hex-Plus tools reduce the likelihood of deformation by distributing pressure more evenly.
  • Hex-Plus tools can transmit up to 20 percent more 'torque' compared to standard hex keys. This means the tool can deliver strong rotational force or torque.


Extensive Wera product range on Fabory.com

On Fabory.com, in addition to hex keys, you will find various other Wera tools.
Here are some examples:
  • Screwdrivers: From the smallest fastenings in electrical appliances to specialized stainless steel applications in the process industry.
  • Ratchets and sockets: Suitable for applications requiring strong torque and for solutions in tight spaces or difficult-to-reach bolts in machine construction.
  • Spanners: Another type of key, each with very unique features such as a working angle of 30° or 15°. - Hex keys: The Hex-Plus system reduces damage to bolts. A must-have in machine construction and CNC metalworking.
  • Bits: Every bit is different. Wera bits stand out for their performance and endurance. Depending on the machines and the type of application, choose the bit that suits your needs.
  • Assortments of bits: Simple, compact, and complete sets for everyone.
  • Torque tools: From the lightest possible use of controlled torque fastening in electronics (Ncm) to heavy applications in Truck, Trailer, Bodybuilding up to 1000Nm.
Wera hex key

Notre force


Fabory est le bon choix pour tous vos besoins en matière de fixations. Notre portefeuille de produits contient une large gamme d'attaches standard et de solutions d'attaches spécifiques aux clients pour diverses applications, complétées par des C-parts.

Fabory Logic

Fabory aide à la mise à disposition des fixations et des C-parts. Des tableaux de bord innovants donnent un aperçu de votre consommation vous permettant ainsi de réduire votre TCO (Coût total de possession).

Assurance qualité, contrôle qualité et ingénierie

Fabory s'est construit sur sa qualité et sa fiabilité. Une gestion raffinée de la qualité et des systèmes spécialisés de contrôle sont au cœur de nos activités.

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