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  1. ART NR 6C360907
  2. EAN 5733439138338
  3. UBB 500632225792
  4. UNSPSC 24112401
  5. Artículo del fabricante nr 138338

The Boxxser series consists of six different boxes in two different heights, made of impact-resistant, unbreakable polycarbonate – the strongest plastic material on the market. The boxes are equipped with practical double walls, which both provide room for securely protected internal hinges and give the boxes a fine appearance. The boxes are available both as an empty version which can be equipped with removable inserts from scratch, and as a ready-made version with various inserts from the range. Both versions are equipped with a grid in the bottom which, together with the O-profiles in the lid, restrains the inserts individually, so that it is not necessary to fill the boxes completely. This also ensures that the contents remain in place during transport. At the front of the box are two permanent compartments for temporary storage of small parts, and the replaceable ID corners in three different colours allow you to label the contents for easy identification. Finally, the Boxxser boxes are equipped with an ergonomic closing and locking mechanism that allows you to close the box with one hand, and ensures that the contents stay in place. As an accessory to the Boxxser range, trays with a range of inserts are available, which can be freely arranged to provide a wealth of functional solutions. With a HandyBoxxser you can store four Boxxser in a small space, and still have easy access to the contents. HandyBoxxser also allows you to carry four Boxxser boxes in one hand. The Boxxser series is designed to meet the needs of professionals working in an industrial environment, who want to be able to store and locate small objects in a systematic and efficient manner.

Medium assorter box. Fitted with 12 removable inserts of assorted sizes for small parts, tools and accessories. Strong transparent O-profile lid made of polycarbonate ensures contents remains in place. Boxxser with 12 inserts: 4xA9-1, 2xA9-2, 1xA8-2, 4xA7-1, 1xA7-2.

Color Azul
Anchura (L) (mm) 323
Anchura (mm) 354
Altura 55
Capacidad de carga 12