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Specific count off for each order

The kitting of articles is a commonly used method by companies. Fabory puts together a tailor-made package that is packed and delivered as a unit. The order can then be shipped directly. 

Four million kits

Most companies use kitting with different types of items because they offer different product types. One package can consist of up to sixty different items. We group separate but related items, delivered as one assembly unit. This ensures peace of mind in your company. We deliver more than four million kits per year.

"With the automated kitting machine you will receive items faster and the quality is even better guaranteed."
Countdown specific orders


Pack and deliver items as one unit
Ensure quality

Quality assurance

The right numbers are packed automatically


Kits received in one package, complete with logo and label


From an automated kitting machine, one to two different articles go into a bag. By automating this process, we reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), because we no longer incur costs for control. Our own kitting machine also enables us to guarantee quality even better. Instead of using labels, we print directly on the bag so that we provide you and your customers with the correct information.


The automated kitting machine helps you optimize and professionalize packaging. A company that sells Fabory fasteners under its own logo and label can have a kit delivered as a whole from the kitting machine.

Avoid wastage

Do you want to use kitting for extensive and complex maintenance work and do you need to maintain stock levels? These orders are processed using our kardex shuttle cabinets that incorporate a pick-to-light system. This way, the right product is always picked up. The technician receives exactly the items he needs to carry out the job. This prevents waste: separate but related items are grouped, packaged and delivered as one assembly unit, regardless of size.

Kitting example 1
Kitting machine

Item number management

As a Masters in Fasteners specialist, we also deliver articles in a specialist manner. All stock items that come in assembled kits can also be easily reordered with one item number. This reduces the management of item numbers.

Depending on your business and ordering processes, we build kits for production, during assembly and even for After Market applications. Think of the mechanic who installs charging stations for electric cars: he has the right items in the right numbers for every installation.

Kitting is just one of the Fabory Logic solutions that unburden customers. Also discover our other innovative solutions.

Nuestra fuerza

Con asesoramiento, cálculos y pruebas, llegamos al diseño y la aplicación correctos de elementos de fijación específicos. La gama de 120.000 elementos de fijación en todas las versiones, tamaños y tipos de material deseados requiere una gestión eficaz de las existencias en la que pueda confiar. Las soluciones logísticas inteligentes le ayudan a ello. Fabory Quality & Engineering asesora a los clientes sobre la conexión más segura. Así creamos tranquilidad. Los empleados de su empresa pueden seguir centrándose en las tareas principales.


Fabory es la elección correcta para todas sus necesidades de fijación. Tenemos una amplia gama de elementos de fijación estándar y soluciones de fijación específicas para el cliente para diversas aplicaciones, complementadas con piezas C.

Fabory Logic

Fabory le ayuda a conseguir elementos de fijación y piezas C. Los innovadores paneles de control proporcionan información sobre su consumo, lo que le permite reducir su coste total de propiedad. Fabory Logic le ofrece distintos servicios.

Calidad, ingeniería e I+D

Fabory se basa en su calidad y fiabilidad. Una gestión de calidad reforzada y sistemas de control de calidad especializados son el núcleo de nuestra actividad. Estamos disponibles para ayudarle a elegir el elemento de fijación correcto para la aplicación.

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