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"At Fabory, we see suppliers as direct extension of our company. Our success is built on strong, successful relationships and the ability to build responsible and fair business practices across our supply chain based on close, long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and other business partners"

Supplier Manual

The Fabory Supplier Manual helps you, as a supplier, meet the requirements for Fabory's incoming supply chain. The manual provides guidance for successful and professional delivery, as well as efficient communication and handling. This way, we jointly add value to our shared supply chains.

Fabory Supplier Manual

Purchase Terms

Together with our suppliers, we deliver perfect operational performance and continuously improve our operations. This applies particularly to the high quality of the materials or services delivered, timely delivery, and the completeness and accuracy of documentation.

Purchasing terms and conditions

Code of conduct

At Fabory, we uphold high ethical and business conduct standards within our operations. We share these best practices with our business partners to exchange knowledge and experiences. We expect our suppliers to also consider the societal consequences of their production and services.

Code of conduct

Fabory warehouse with several logistical stands

Nuestra fuerza


Fabory es la elección correcta para todas sus necesidades de fijación. Tenemos una amplia gama de elementos de fijación estándar y soluciones de fijación específicas para el cliente para diversas aplicaciones, complementadas con piezas C.

Fabory Logic

Fabory le ayuda a conseguir elementos de fijación y piezas C. Los innovadores paneles de control proporcionan información sobre su consumo, lo que le permite reducir su coste total de propiedad. Fabory Logic le ofrece distintos servicios.

Calidad, ingeniería e I+D

Fabory se basa en su calidad y fiabilidad. Una gestión de calidad reforzada y sistemas de control de calidad especializados son el núcleo de nuestra actividad. Estamos disponibles para ayudarle a elegir el elemento de fijación correcto para la aplicación.

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