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Quality products deserve quality connections

When a customer does not know the answer to a question about a fastening solution, the experts in the Quality & Engineering department come to the rescue. They provide the answers to questions about the complex world of fasteners and connections offering a service that customers can rely on. Failing connections lead to failed applications. Improving a connection leads to better constructions and less aftercare. Quality products deserve quality connections.

A small selection of the questions that customers ask us:

"How long does a surface covering last in a specific application and which material type is most suitable?"

"What preload force can I expect with a tightening torque?"

"How do I prevent a threaded connection from loosening?"

"How much clamping force can a connection exert with an 8.8 bolt?"

"Some 8.8 bolts are broken: can I just replace them with stronger 10.9 bolts?"

We also capture customer questions in our training offer. With the training offer of the Quality & Engineering department, your knowledge of fastening solutions is kept up to date. A training can be purely theoretical or practical, classroom or online. We tailor the content to your knowledge level and needs.

quality and training
“During training sessions, we notice that the selection and use of fasteners is not always optimal. This way, gathering knowledge has an immediate positive effect and connections can be improved.” 
Edwin de Lange
Co-ordinator for Technical Training

Customised training

We can select elements from the topics on the right so that training fits your needs. We also design completely new training courses, according to customer specifications. In addition, we hold an extensive intake interview at your company. In this way, we get to know your way of working and we can determine specific needs.

Some of the topics we cover in the standard training program:

  • Mechanical properties of steel bolts and nuts
  • Surface coverings for steel fasteners
  • Everything about stainless steel fasteners
  • Thread types for fasteners
  • Loosening and securing threads
  • Certificates and quality documents for fasteners

Crucial function in sharing specialist knowledge

Students are regularly surprised by the enormous knowledge we have about fasteners. Fastening materials are usually very underexposed in technical training courses: the subject of connection technology is often not dealt with or is treated too briefly. There are few opportunities within the Netherlands for acquiring this knowledge. As a result, we have a crucial function in the market to share our specialist knowledge through training.

Basic training takes half a day to a whole day. We tailor every training to the company where we provide the training. Together with the customer, we examine the design of connections. Article selection, corrosion protection and mounting method are discussed. We do this with one important goal: safety, efficient installation and ease of maintenance.

This is what customers say about our training courses

"Thanks to more knowledge of the fasteners, employees are even more motivated to improve connections qualitatively."

"In addition to the quality of the mounting materials, the focus on our mounting instructions has now also been greatly improved. This has taken our production to a higher level."

"Our engineers are now better aware of the regulations regarding fastenings. This has increased the safety of our structures."

"Never thought there was so much to learn about 'simple' nuts and bolts. The training courses were clear and our people were positively surprised about the knowledge provided."

We wrote even more about the Quality & Engineering department! Read the stories and find out how the department can best help you.

  • Rapid test results during a customer emergency
  • In-house accredited laboratory
  • Designing new products and realizing connections in the 3D portal

Everything about the expertise of the Quality & Engineering department

Nuestra fuerza

Con asesoramiento, cálculos y pruebas, llegamos al diseño y la aplicación correctos de elementos de fijación específicos. La gama de 120.000 elementos de fijación en todas las versiones, tamaños y tipos de material deseados requiere una gestión eficaz de las existencias en la que pueda confiar. Las soluciones logísticas inteligentes le ayudan a ello. Fabory Quality & Engineering asesora a los clientes sobre la conexión más segura. Así creamos tranquilidad. Los empleados de su empresa pueden seguir centrándose en las tareas principales.


Fabory es la elección correcta para todas sus necesidades de fijación. Tenemos una amplia gama de elementos de fijación estándar y soluciones de fijación específicas para el cliente para diversas aplicaciones, complementadas con piezas C.

Fabory Logic

Fabory le ayuda a conseguir elementos de fijación y piezas C. Los innovadores paneles de control proporcionan información sobre su consumo, lo que le permite reducir su coste total de propiedad. Fabory Logic le ofrece distintos servicios.

Calidad, ingeniería e I+D

Fabory se basa en su calidad y fiabilidad. Una gestión de calidad reforzada y sistemas de control de calidad especializados son el núcleo de nuestra actividad. Estamos disponibles para ayudarle a elegir el elemento de fijación correcto para la aplicación.

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