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Tyrolit Cylindrical mandrel 40

  1. ART NR 8D527455
  2. EAN 9003170064132
  3. UBB 500512722488
  4. UNSPSC 31191500
  5. Manufacturer article nr  6413

Coordinated light grey bond systems enable the ELASTIC mounted points to be put to both universal use and use tailored to the application. The assortment includes soft elastic points for curved surfaces and medium elastic points for straight surfaces.Our range also includes fewer elastic points for working at higher speeds and mottling points for mottling surfaces. Maximum operating speed: BE13: 16 m/s; BE15: 20 m/s; BE16: 32 m/s.

Versatile Special application Coding

Application (metal) Aluminum/Steel/stainless steel/Plastic/lacquer/paint/Steel
Diameter (mm) 40
Grits 46