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Protecting cap and -plug Plastic Polyethylene M16PLUG

  1. Art nr 56783.160.002
  2. EAN 8715492866912
  3. UBB 950356579561
  4. UNSPSC 31162806

Price per 

Package: 250
Full Box only
  • The tapered design of these products allows them to be used as either a cap or a plug, providing easy fitting and removal in most applications, they provide excellent protection against damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion, during storage and transportation.
  • When used as a plug dimension b should be min. 5% larger than the opening, diameters over 30 mm may require more interference.
  • When used as a cap dimension c should be min. 5% less than the diameter to be capped, diameters over 30 mm may require more interference.
Color Red
Material Plastic
Material technical Polyethylene
Type M16PLUG
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a 13.6
b 15.3
c 12.1
d 13.7
e 11.2
f 19