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Favourite products are always at hand in MyFabory.

View prices, view order history, and reorder favourite items. For Dennis Briels, these are the most significant advantages of MyFabory, his online ordering environment at Fabory. He logs in to Fabory.com as a service engineer at Savona in Oisterwijk almost daily.

Savona assists companies with purchasing a wash box installation from the preparation, purchase, and realisation up to and including a complete maintenance program. Their customers are located throughout the Benelux, and Dennis started at the Brabant company in 1996 and kept stocks up to standard for his colleagues in the warehouse.

Various catalogues

Dennis uses various catalogues when ordering fasteners and MRO products. He made it in MyFabory. In addition to bolts, nuts and screws, he added mounting kits and tools as favourites in the catalogues. A few times a month, Dennis completes an order behind his computer. Before he clicks the order button, he walks through the warehouse where his colleagues assemble the wash boxes.

Dennis saves time by placing orders via MyFabory and gains insight into the status of orders, order history and invoices.

All advantages of MyFabory at a glance:

  • Control and overview from one place
  • Insight into order history and invoices
  • Own catalogues with favourite products
  • Personal prices are immediately visible
  • Track orders via Track and Trace
  • Different buyers on the same account
  • Multiple accounts are also possible
  • Easy management of roles and rights

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‘I don’t need to know everything by heart.’

Creating catalogues with favourite products in MyFabory is a godsend for Dennis. He immediately sees the products employees reach for on the work floor appear on his screen. In addition to the standard fasteners, these include adjustable wrenches, drills, hose clamps, and mixing nozzles. Dennis also places these in the catalogues; this ensures an efficient way of working. “Just find exactly the version you want. I don’t know all the part numbers by heart. Now you always have every article number at hand. We also work here with a tool called the pop rivet pliers. On Fabory.com, this is called the blind rivet tool.”

Prices and stock level

Dennis is responsible for all orders of fasteners and MRO products required by his colleagues in the warehouse. “In MyFabory, I immediately see whether the desired item is in stock, together with the price. If an item is unavailable, I return to the category type and see what is immediately available.” Savona works with one account. When Dennis is not around, colleagues sometimes log in to the account and add a few articles. “Then they urgently need five hundred bolts in a specific size, for example.

View order history

Dennis is always the one who completes the order. He has been working with MyFabory from day one. “From the moment we no longer had to pass on numbers on pieces of paper, I was convinced. The order history can now always be found. If I have forgotten to place an article in the catalogues, I will still find it there; then I know exactly which special taps are involved.”

Immediately see what is still open.

Dennis’s colleagues can also quickly consult all invoices and packing slips in MyFabory. “My colleagues from Administration check the invoices to see whether the deliveries are correct.” Dennis himself checks his order overviews in MyFabory every week. He can see at a glance what is still open. “If a colleague asks whether specific articles have arrived or are on their way, I can see that immediately. On average, an article arrives at the workplace after one to two days.”

Fixed contact person

Even though Dennis now finalises the orders via MyFabory, his regular contact person at Fabory still visits us now and then. “For example, if a tool is broken, he will send it back to the supplier for me. Switching directly with Fabory and working from my online environment works perfectly for me.”

Always insight into your orders. Also, something for your company?

Do you want to work as quickly and efficiently as Dennis? With MyFabory, you have direct access to your order history and invoices. This ensures overview and control from one place. Experience the benefits of MyFabory and create an account.

Masters in Fasteners

With product knowledge, calculations and tests, we come to the correct design and application of specific fasteners. Our range of 120,000 fasteners in any design, size and material type requires efficient stock management where you can rely on. The RFID application is one of the smart solutions Fabory Logic offers you. Every solution provides valuable support for your company stock management. This creates Peace of Mind, where the employees in your company can continue to focus on their core tasks.


Fabory is the right choice for all your fastener needs. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of standard fasteners and customer-specific fastener solutions for various applications, complemented with C-parts.

Fabory Logic

Fabory assists in the availability of Fasteners and C-parts. Innovative dashboards provide insight into your consumption enabling you to reduce your TCO. Fabory Logic offers you RFID, Optical-Eye, Weight Scales and Merchandiser services.

QA/QC & Engineering

Fabory is built on its quality and reliability. Refined quality management and specialised quality control systems are at the core of our operation. Our engineers are available to support you in ensuring the correct fastener choice for the application.

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