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"These fasteners increase efficiency in our workplace"

Viscon specialises in automating processes for the food industry. Juriaan van der Sluijs: "In the design of our machines, we look at where we can make processes even more efficient for our customers. Timely delivery of high-quality fasteners greatly assists in this." The company from 's-Gravendeel has recently experienced the benefits of Lubrinox fasteners.

In the fall of 2021, Viscon began using Fabory Logic. Shortly after, the company from 's-Gravendeel discussed Lubrinox fasteners with Fabory, aiming to further simplify processes on the shop floor. Standard bolts and screws are currently being replaced with the new ones.

We save time

Previously, assembly paste was used to prevent a bolt connection's internal and external threads from seizing together. Juriaan: "The main reasons for using Lubrinox are time savings and efficiency improvement. Thanks to Lubrinox, we no longer need to purchase and apply lubricants manually."

The return on investment

Van der Sluijs works as a Senior Tactical Buyer at Viscon. He was immediately convinced of Lubrinox. It was his task to persuade his colleagues in the company. "Price is often a determining factor. But you're talking about a cent per screw. Even if using Lubrinox costs ten euros more per machine, consider the cost of a mechanic when a screw cold-welds. That's argument enough." Yet, there are still plenty more: Lubrinox fasteners come pre-lubricated. This saves time and prevents dirty hands. The Lubrinox fasteners are coated with a thin layer that is not visible.


Lubrinox and cleaning agents

There were questions about temperature: Would Lubrinox react with a cleaning agent used in the food industry? It turned out that machines equipped with Lubrinox fasteners are resistant to this. They even function under temperatures as high as those found in Saudi Arabia.

Building in certainty

At Viscon, employees on the shop floor were used to counting the fasteners they needed and greasing them beforehand. You can imagine that in the process, a step might be skipped, and lubrication might be lacking. Van der Sluis: "It was all these steps together that led Viscon to embrace Lubrinox. Sometimes, the lubrication was too thick, and the paste dripped off a fastener. This increased the time needed to get a machine ready for sale."

Shortening the process

Van der Sluijs lists several advantages: "By switching to Lubrinox fasteners, we eliminate a link from multiple processes. It helps us better identify hidden costs. Assembly paste does not need to be purchased, processed through the accounting department, or received by the incoming goods department. By switching to Lubrinox fasteners, we are relieved of administrative burdens, both in the office and shop floor."

You can find all the benefits of using Lubrinox summarised here.  

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