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Fabory runner-up at Torque awards with Lubrinox


At the Torque-Expo Awards ceremony in Shropshire, England, Fabory was named runner-up in the Innovation category. We earned this position with our Lubrinox application.

The award ceremony took place shortly after the Torque-Expo 2024 trade show. At the booth, Fabory UK showcased a range of product offerings, with a particular emphasis on the Lubrinox series. Lubrinox attracted significant interest from visitors, who were particularly impressed by the product's innovative design and potential.

Changing customer needs

Fabory UK's second-place finish is primarily a testament to our dedication to developing advanced solutions that address the evolving needs of customers. This recognition was meaningful in a year marked by numerous developments and increasing competition within the industry.

Professionals worldwide

Torque-Expo 2024 brought together professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, discuss trends, and forge new business relationships. For Fabory UK, the expo provided an excellent opportunity to connect with existing customers, attract new prospects, and network with other industry leaders. These interactions are crucial for staying informed about market trends and customer needs, allowing Fabory to continue innovating and delivering top-quality solutions.

A challenging task

Torque Magazine writer Jonathon Harker reflects: “It was the second time we organized the Torque-Expo Awards, and it was great to see industry participation grow. This year, we had more entries, and the editorial jury faced a more challenging task in selecting the winners. We are pleased and honored to be part of those celebrating achievements and individuals in the fasteners industry. Therefore, we can't wait to do it again next year."

Read the full report on the Torque website.

Torque awards
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