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Sonic Juegos de refuerzo Booster 12V/800CS

  1. ART NR 5W842578
  2. EAN 4712364657245
  3. UBB 500678066662
  4. UNSPSC 25191700
  5. Artículo del fabricante nr 48107

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Sonic booster are professional booster that are needed for starting of various vehicles, which have a weak battery for some reason. The key word here is amps. This decides the power of the booster. Our basic version has a power of 700 CA (cranking amps). CA is the power that is still is available after 10 seconds of starting at a temperature of 18 ° and a voltage of 9 volts. In short, this is the constant power that can be supplied during a certain time period. Many competitive booster talk of current peaks, which is the maximum current that a boster can provide at 12 volts. This peak power is definitely not available when you start. By comparison, current peak of 1000 amps is a cranking power of 350 CA.... Sonic booster are built from the best components, to ensure strength and reliability for users. They offer maximum cranking power with the required safety. The cables are double insulated, have an optimum length and are very flexible. The battery is made of pure lead and were made to provide almost immediate maximum current. The clamps are ergonomically designed and fully insulated. The 12V / 24V booster are equipped with a plug on the back to switch from 12V to 24V, ensuring a perfect connection, thus ensuring a longer life. Sonic booster are designed for professional use and are also a real powerhouse. · Article number: 48107 Voltage: 12 V Cranking amps: 800 A Current peaks: 2370 A Cable length: 130 cm Ø cable: 25 mm² Clamps: 650 A Charger AC / DC: 2 AH Battery fuse: 300 A Weight: 9,5 kg Dimensions: L 375 x W 110 x H 320mm