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Brady EZ panel loc rail 4.IN

  1. ART NR 5Z212509
  2. UBB 500671691805
  3. UNSPSC 46180000
  4. Artículo del fabricante nr 051256

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Lock Rails for the EZ Panel Loc™ System. Unique lock rail system allows panel door to be closed even when lockouts are in place and accommodates multiple locks, eliminating the need for hasps during group lockouts. Lock rail design also keeps weight off the breakers which protects delicate electrical components from damage. Lock rails made of durable Isoplast polymers with acrylic adhesive backing. "No Shackle" locks with EZ Panel Loc keys are sold separately and are especially useful when you want lockout devices to be kept at the point of need at the panel.

Color Amarillo
Anchura (mm) 20.32
Número de material Brady LOTO-44
Temp. max. de servicio DO 120 °C
Temp. min. de servicio DO -20 °C
Contenido (pcs) 1
Profundidad (mm) 17.78
Altura 101.6
Anchura (L) (mm) 101.6
Tipo nr. LOTO-44
Peso 25