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  1. ART NR 2I557777
  2. EAN 4013288156778
  3. UBB 500643335242
  4. UNSPSC 31161507
  5. Manufacturer article nr  05057690001

Price per 

Package: 1

1 Impaktor holder with retaining ring and ring magnet, 29 Impaktor bits. The Impaktor technology offers an above-average service life even under extreme circumstances thanks to the best possible utilisation of the material properties and the optimised geometry; particularly suitable for use with customary impact drivers; holder with ring magnet for simple holding of even longer and heavier screws, ideal for overhead work. The rough diamond-coating of the bits reduces the risk of a slipping out of the screw head thanks to the enhanced frictional resistance.

Upright positionable, multi-component Bit-Check Impaktor technology for above-average service life Particularly suitable for use with customary impact drivers Diamond coating for a secure fit in the screw, literally bites into the screwhead to prevent cam-out Holder with ring magnet for holding longer and heavier screws

Width (mm) 85
Length (L) (mm) 165
Content (pcs) 30
Height (mm) 35
Size 1 x 1/4"x75; 2 x PH 1x25; 3 x PH 2x25; 2 x PH 3x25; 2 x PZ 1x25; 3 x PZ 2x25; 2 x PZ 3x25; 1 x TX 10x25; 1 x TX 15x25; 2 x TX 20x25; 3 x TX 25x25; 2 x TX 30x25; 2 x TX 40x25; 1 x 3.0x25; 1 x 4.0x25; 1 x 5.0x25; 1 x 6.0x25
Type nr. Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 1
Weight (g) 274
Content of set 1x Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 1, 30 pieces; 1x 897/4 IMP R Impaktor holder with retaining ring and ring magnet, 1/4" x 75 mm; 7x 851/1 IMP DC Impaktor bits: 2x PH 1x25, 3x PH 2x25, 2x PH 3x25; 7x 855/1 IMP DC Impaktor bits: 2x PZ 1x25, 3x PZ 2x25, 2x PZ 3x25; 11x 867/1 IMP DC Impaktor TORX® bits: TX 10x25, TX 15x25, 2x TX 20x25, 3x TX 25x25, 2x TX 30x25, 2x TX 40x25; 4x 840/1 IMP DC Impaktor bits: 3.0x25, 4.0x25, 5.0x25, 6.0x25