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3M Cubitron II Fiber disc 125MM P60

  1. ART NR 1O235233
  2. EAN 4046719760756
  3. UBB 500685201831
  4. UNSPSC 13111200
  5. Manufacturer article nr  65168

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Package: 1

Use 3M™ Cubitron™ II Fibre Disc 987C to generate exceptionally high cut-rates with less pressure, allowing operators to finish tough tasks with minimal fatigue. Our heavy duty discs are ideal for weld removal, bevelling, grinding and blending. A grinding aid on the disc makes this an outstanding product for all types of metal. It helps keep the disc cooler on stainless steel and heat sensitive metals such as nickel alloys and titanium, reducing metal discolouration and oxidation as well as the chance of heat related stress cracks. This means our discs can outlast and out-cut rival products. They contain 3M Precision Shaped Grain which forms into triangular points that slice through metal rather than gouging or ploughing like traditional abrasives. These points continuously self-sharpen as they fracture, generating an extremely fast cut. Our discs feature a tough, stiff backing made from vulcanized fibre that resists wear and can handle tough grinding applications. They’re ideal for removing mill scale, pits and imperfections.

3M Precision Shaped Grain (PSG) maintains super-sharp points that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure PSG runs cooler and disc life is significantly longer, completing more parts per disc and requiring fewer disc changes Stiff fiber backing and a strong resin bond provide durability and tear-resistance for heavyweight applications such as high-pressure weld grinding or beveling Grinding aid incorporated on the disc minimizes grinding temperatures for heat-sensitive alloys A grinding aid incorporated on the disc minimizes grinding temperatures for heat-sensitive alloys like stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys Buy disc pad face plates and fibre discs separately

Color Orange
Width (mm) 21
Diameter (mm) 125
Grits 60+
Height (mm) 175
Length (L) (mm) 102