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Emma Safety shoes Low Mace-M XD 504863 XD 37 S3

  1. ART NR 7Q240793
  2. EAN 8715316120541
  3. UBB 500672204962
  4. UNSPSC 46181600
  5. Manufacturer article nr  504863-37

Price per 

Package: 1

The metal worker's choice. A superb shoe for galvanising and welding metal. A closed front flap protects against stray sparks and hot metal splinters. The Mace-M offers enhanced protection for the metatarsal as well as PU outer toe protection and a 'bomb proof' concealed steel toe cap. Internally, feet are kept dry and fresh thanks to the moisture removing properties of Emma's Hydro-Tec® Sanitized Silver.

Size (safety shoes) 37
Safety category S3
Size width XD
EN 20345:2011