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Milwaukee Fraise universelle weldon courte 40X25MM

  1. N° ART 4U892034
  2. EAN 4002395344253
  3. UBB 500513701259
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. N° Article du fabricant 4932371749

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100% Faster - Speed and time savings are achieved due to the following factors. Firstly the annular cutter principle of only cutting material from the periphery of the hole as opposed to the twist drill which must cut the complete diameter of the hole. Secondly the benefit of two aggressive sharp angles per cutting edge help to achieve faster feed rates and lower cutting resistance. 30% More productivity - Because the annular cutter is only cutting material from the periphery of the hole. Less motor energy and driving power is required. The larger the drill diameter the greater the energy saving. Longer lifetime - The annular cutters cutting edges do less work than the twist drill resulting in more holes between sharpening. Thick 6 mm body together with special tooth geo-metry ensures high stability and reduces to a minimum the risk of breakage due to overloading. Thick walled HSS annular cutters for increased durability and life time. With standard 19 mm Weldon reception. 30 mm depth of cut.

Contenu (pcs) 1
Diamètre (mm) 40
Longueur (L) (mm) 30
Longueur totale 30