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Wera Screwdriver sets Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 3 TOOL FINDER 3

  1. ART NR 3S979541
  2. EAN 4013288211569
  3. UBB 500713661782
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  05051013001

Price per 

Package: 1

13-piece Kraftform Kompakt set with 6x 25mm long and 6x 89mm long bits. Wera’s compact tools allow the simultaneous use of both types of screw connections; „hand“ or „machine“. The handle blade-change system in a compact design with different compact blade tips makes the user mobile and flexible. Suitable for bits with 1/4“ hexagonal drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3 and E 6.3 (ISO 1173) and Wera connection series 1 and 4. With connecting adapter, bayonet, Rapidaptor technology, Kraftform handle with anti-roll protection, multi-components allow for particularly ergonomic screwdriving. Integrated magazine for storing 25mm long bits. This set replaces a 12-piece screwdriver set and reduces the necessary equipment to a minimum. Profile and size of the bits are easily recognizable due to the Wera “Take it easy" tool finder with its colour coding and easily visible labels.

Kraftform bit hand-holder with bayonet blade and Rapidaptor quick-change chuck Kraftform handle with anti-roll feature, multi-component and integrated magazine Retractable bayonet blade 6x25mm bits with “Take it easy" tool finder: colour coding by profile and size stamping and 6x89mm bits In robust pouch

Length (L) (mm) 170
Width (mm) 85
Content (pcs) 13
Height (mm) 78
Size 1 x 1/4"x100; 1 x PH 1x25; 1 x PH 2x25; 1 x TX 20x25; 1 x TX 25x25; 1 x # 1x25; 1 x # 2x25; 1 x PH 1x89; 1 x PH 2x89; 1 x TX 20x89; 1 x TX 25x89; 1 x # 1x89; 1 x # 2x89; 1 x 50.0x70.0
Type nr. Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 3
Weight (g) 406
Content of set 1x Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 3 with pouch, 13 pieces; 1x 889/4 R Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder, 1/4" x 100 mm; 2x 851/1 BTZ bits: PH 1x25, PH 2x25; 2x 867/1 BTZ TORX® bits: TX 20x25, TX 25x25; 2x 868/1 BTZ Square-Plus bits: # 1x25, # 2x25; 2x 851/4 Z bits: PH 1x89, PH 2x89; 2x 867/4 Z TORX® bits: TX 20x89, TX 25x89; 2x 868/4 Square-Plus bits: # 1x89, # 2x89; 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 70, 70 x 50 mm